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Luisa Bergamino

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14 years
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Studio Legale Bergamino Luisa
Licensed Lawyer

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Luisa Bergamino is an Italian lawyer admitted to the bar in Cuneo and works throughout Italy. She is the owner of the law firm of the same name that provides assistance in the field of civil law and the recovery of outstanding debts. Luisa, in particular, assists her clients mainly in the revision, drafting and litigation of national and international contracts. To this end, she graduated from the International Union of Lawyers in 2021 with a diploma in 'International Business and Contract Law. Luisa is an arbitrator at the Venice Chamber of Commerce and at the International Arbitration Chamber as well as a consultant and member of both the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Nice and the French Chamber of Commerce in Italy. She is also a member of the International Union of Lawyers.

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English, French - français, Italian - italiano


£120 - £120

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