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Farhang Faghih Larijani

Licensed Lawyer
17 years
Licensed Lawyer

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Human Rights

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Mr Farhang Larijani is a qualified Iranian lawyer (Iran Central Bar Association). He has done his PhD studies in the field of public law and has worked with many governmental entities; including: The ministry of the Interior ( member of the editorial team regarding the bill of urban management and working on judiciary cases ). Committee of the Investment in Iran's megacities (member) Iran's Municipalities and village administrators (legal counsellor). As an assistant professor at the University of Mazandaran, Farhang has done many academic pieces of research. Therefore, he is well educated in his field and aware of the latest related topics. However, he has focused on practising more than the academic aspect of law. The latter has made Farhang a Pragmatic lawyer and an excellent choice for your cases.

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English, Arabic - العربية, Persian - فارسی


£500 - £500

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