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Azam Hazhir

Licensed Lawyer
9 years
Licensed Lawyer

Areas of law

Intellectual Property

About me

I am an accomplished lawyer with a master's from law school, licensed in Qazvin Bar Association, and seven years of heavy litigation and trial experience. The hardworking and reliable lawyer focused on going above and beyond to support the team and serve clients. I am motivated to continue to learn and grow as a professional lawyer. I worked as a lawyer for approximately five years for a company called Tile-Fotohi. I was in charge of the legal department of this company. there were lots of legal cases with different issues referred to me as a lawyer. I would like to say that I have done their cases successfully. Furthermore, I prepared the draft of contracts by using a solid execution guarantee. Additionally, I Gave employees legal advice. Apart from these, I was a legal representative of Tile- Fotohi in several meetings related to buying or selling their goods. Furthermore, I was the manager of the law firm which provided legal services, such as giving legal advice to clients. Simultaneously, I participated in the four advanced courses on topics related to E-commerce issues held by SME Trade Academy, known by ITC, in 2021.

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Persian - فارسی, English

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