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Atieh Ghaemi

Licensed Lawyer
10 years
Licensed Lawyer

Areas of law

Intellectual Property
Corporate and Company

About me

Ms. Atieh Ghaemi is an Iranian lawyer working specifically on Intellectual Property cases (nationally and internationally). She has a perfect academic and work background in the field of Intellectual Property and Contract law. She has also worked with different firms, startups, and entities such as Divar Company as an Intellectual Property and Legal Specialist. Living in Turkey during her IP LLM programme (fully sponsored by the WIPO) and working with ABA Intellectual Property Services has brought the fantastic experience of working in an international situation for Atieh. Apart from IP matters, Atieh is an expert in Contract Law cases and capable of taking care of your case. She is so into IP topics and follows the newest trends in this field. Running a legal podcast has made her even more familiar with different legal actions and many different experts in various practice areas. She is fluent in English and knows the Korean language as well. Ms. Ghaemi can be a great lawyer to lead you through your cases.

Spoken Language

English, Persian - فارسی


£100 - £100

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