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An Entire Legal Team In Your Pocket!


an entire legal team in your pocket!

So whenever you need me, reach into your pocket!

Hi my name is LegaBot! I can assist you with yourlegal problems

How it works

Walkthrough video for both services!Document translation

Upload your documents, choose the translation type and leave the rest to me; when it’s ready, I’ll send it to you via Email.

One hour legal advice

When you tell me about your case and where you live I'll introduce you to a lawyer that’s best suited for you!

One hour legal advice

LegaBot makes it fast and easy to get an answer from an expert.

Legal Translation

There are three types of legal translation and I can help you with all of them!

an entire legal team in your pocket!

  • Getting your legal documents Translated
  • Hire a lawyer from our international directory
  • One hour legal advice