Visa-Free Countries for Italian Passport Holders 2022
A fully stamped passport of an Italian citizen travelling in visa-free countries for Italian

List of Visa-Free Countries for Italian Passport Holders 2022


Every passport deserves to be stamped. Right? The Covid-19 dip in international travel is now finally starting to lift. In fact, the first quarter of 2022 saw three times more international travel than 2021, with Europe leading the rebound. 

So Italian passport holders, this is your signal to plan your trip successful and safe overseas trip, regardless of whether you are traveling on business, with family, or alone. Is there a better idea than planning your trip to countries visa-free countries for Italian passport holders?

Although there are procedures and formalities, they only favor excitement over hassle when a few factors are considered. One of such factors is keeping your documents in place. 

When it comes to international travel, one has to be over-cautious about two crucial documents, i.e., passport and visa. A passport becomes a mandatory document for international travel because it is a government-issued travel document that reveals a person’s identification. It permits to travel to and from other countries and access to consular services abroad. The primary distinction between a passport and a visa is that a visa is an endorsement added to a passport. Visa is a temporary permit that a government issues to a foreigner to enter, stay in, or leave its territory. 

People assume international travel to be a hassle because of the documentation requirements. However, countries are promoting convenient travel with more and more visa-free travel options coming in. Sometimes, a passport alone can allow an individual to travel to different countries. For instance, an Italian passport allows more than 100 visa-free countries for Italian passport holders. 

Once a person becomes a citizen of Italy, they are eligible to apply for an Italian passport. Such citizenship may be through naturalization, descent, birth, etc. The passport is valid for 10, 5, or 3 years depending on the applicant’s age. Such a passport is renewable by presenting documents like

  • The expiring passport
  • Identity proof
  • Passport-sized photographs and
  • Filled-in DS-11 and DS-82 forms

Through this passport, one can easily access all European nations and travel to visa-free countries for Italian citizens. 

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Advantages of an Italian Passport

There are several advantages to having an Italian passport. Some of them are listed below: 

No Limitations in the European Union 

Italy is a member of the European Union (“EU”). It allows the Italians to travel to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and any member-state of the EU without many restrictions. Passport holders are not required to obtain a residence permit before staying for an extended period. They can enter without a visa, establish a business, look for employment, or enroll in school.

Lifestyle in Italy

Italy is wonderful to live, work, and raise a family. The nation has a pleasant environment, stunning architecture, hospitable citizens, and delectable cuisine. One can choose to live comfortably among mountains or by the sea. As a citizen, buying and selling property in Italy is also convenient. Access to public healthcare is also a cherry on the top. 

Visa-Free Countries for Italian Passport Holders

As per the Henley Passport Index, the Italian passport ranks fourth in terms of the number of visa-free countries for Italian passport holders. It means that one need not complete laborious visa application forms if the travel is visa-free. There won’t be any demands for extra paperwork like letters of recommendation from friends or employers. 

It is also easy on the pocket of travelers. Vatican City, San Marino, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are the closest countries to Italian passport holders that do not need a visa for travel.

Once the Italian passport is acquired, it is convenient to travel to several countries on different continents without a visa. Also, several countries allow the easy mode of visa-on-arrival and electronic travel authorization through the Italian passport. 

List of Visa-Free Countries for Italian Passport Holders

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Visa-free countries for Italian passport holders

Following is a continent-wise list of visa-free countries for Italian passport holders. The list excludes the countries which provide electronic travel authorization and visa-on-arrival. If they are included, the Italian passport allows travel to 195 nations through visa-free travel, visa on arrival, and electronic travel authorization. 

AfricaEuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaOceania
BotswanaAlbaniaAnguillaArgentinaArmeniaCook Islands
Cape VerdeAndorraAntigua and BarbudaBoliviaBruneiFiji
EswatiniAustriaArubaBrazilGeorgiaFrench Polynesia
GambiaBelarusBahamasChileHong KongKiribati
LesothoBelgiumBarbadosColombiaIndonesiaMarshall Islands
MayotteBulgariaBermudaFalkland IslandsJapanNew Caledonia
MoroccoCroatiaBonaireFrench GuianaKazakhstanNorthern Mariana Islands
CyprusBritish Virgin IslandsGuyanaKyrgyzstanNiue 
The Czech Republic Cayman IslandsParaguayMacaoPalau
DenmarkCosta RicaPeruMalaysiaSamoa
EstoniaCuracaoUruguayPalestinian TerritoriesSoloman Islands
Faroe Islands Dominica VenezuelaPhilippinesTonga
FinlandDominica RepublicQatarTuvalu
FranceEl SalvadorSingaporeVanuatu
GermanyGreenlandSouth KoreaWallis and Futuna
IrelandJamaicaUnited Arab Emirates
LuxembourgPuerto Rico 
MaltaSaint Kitts and Nevis 
MoldovaSaint Lucia 
MonacoSaint Maarten 
MontenegroSaint Pierre and Miquelon
NetherlandsSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
North MacedoniaTrinidad and Tobago
NorwayTurks and Caicos Islands 
San Marino
United Kingdom 
Vatican City
List of visa-free countries for italian passport holders

Requirements for Travel to Countries Visa-Free through an Italian Passport

Requirements for Visa-Free Travel 

Italian passport holders are subjected to visa requirements by other nations worldwide due to entry limitations. These admission requirements change based on: 

  • Destination country 
  • Purpose of the trip, and
  • Length of time the visitor intends to stay there. 

Italian nationals can typically enter a nation that does not need a visa by only showing a valid passport for travel, business, or transit and brief stays lasting between 15-180 days.

For instance, an Italian passport holder can travel to Singapore visa-free. After arriving in Singapore, the traveller simply needs to perform the following steps: 

  • Go to the Singapore immigration counter. 
  • Show the original passport, the travel itinerary and proof of funds to show enough money for a stay in Singapore.  

These requirements are also to get the Singapore Arrival Card and not the visa’s temporary approval. 

For France, an Italian passport holder needs to present the following: 

  • The original passport
  • Proof of accommodation and financial means
  • Return tickets
  • A medical insurance certificate

Requirements for Visa on Arrival 

Italian people can receive a visa on arrival at border entrance checkpoints of their destination. Upon arriving at the destination, one must go to the immigration checkpoint to get a visa. After that, they often have to wait in line until a border guard delivers them a visa on arrival application to fill out.

It is often essential to pay a fee after completing the visa on arrival form with personal, passport, and travel details. Payment is typically only accepted in cash and the local currency in many nations. 

Depending on the country, an Italian visa on arrival may be granted for single or multiple entrance permits, with a stay duration of between 7 days and 3 months.

Similarly, to travel to Egypt, an e-visa has to be obtained online. To get the same, one needs to provide an Italian passport, visa fee and a completed application form.  

Requirements for Electronic Travel Visa Authorizations 

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Visa-free countries for Italian passport holders

Italian nationals can apply for an electronic visa waiver or an electronic visa (eVisa) for the country of their choice. By using electronic travel visa authorization systems, visitors from Italy can get a visa or a waiver of the requirement for a visa without going in person to the nearest embassy or consulate before their trip.

Italian nationals may travel for up to three months with approved travel authorizations and electronic visas. These authorizations are provided as single-entry or multiple-entry permits. 

Electronic travel visa authorization can be electronically connected to an Italian passport or delivered to the traveler via email once approved. Many nations demand that the applicant print a paper copy of the authorized document to provide when they arrive.


It is often necessary to obtain particular visas and a passport to travel internationally. However, certain exceptions are made to this. Sometimes, a passport allows visa-free travel to several nations. 

A valid Italian passport allows free travel access to the European Union and visa-free travel to countries outside the EU. Also, the passport holder can easily travel to more than 30 nations by the simple process of electronic travel authorization and visa on arrival. The requirements of all three approaches are slightly different. The Italian passport remains the only requirement for all three. 

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