Immigrate from UK to Germany: A Quick Guide

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Adam was searching for good universities in the United Kingdom. On seeing the fees, he was shocked and surprised! This large amount for a year of education?! He wasn’t wrong. Studying in the United Kingdom is quite pricey. His friend suggested he try Germany instead, where he could get a quality education for free(negligible administration fees to be paid).

Satisfactory jobs and paychecks, a hygienic atmosphere, low crime rates, lots of leisure time and cultural attractions, and good public transport – that is what make Germany so attractive to foreigners. People immigrate from the UK to Germany for many reasons, but the most important ones are the strong economic and welfare system. This article provides a roadmap for Adam and many others who wish to immigrate to Germany from the UK. 

Check if you meet the requirements for immigration from the UK to Germany

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Like any other country, Germany requires applicants to meet certain requirements to enter the country. The following points cover some of the requirements for immigration to Germany from the UK:

Prove Financial Stability

Each immigration goal has an economic point that interested applicants need to satisfy, but they must establish that they can sponsor themselves in Germany. Even if you are learning and functioning in Germany, you still need to maintain the initial funds to cover your expenditures until you get your paycheck.

Have Health Insurance

You will not be able to immigrate to Germany without appropriate health insurance coverage. Therefore, the next logical and suggested step is to get suitable German health insurance since you cannot be certain whether German authorities will tolerate your foreign health insurance or not.

Have at Least Basic Proficiency in German

To be able to live in Germany, you need to know the German language. A, B, & C are the 3 levels of language proficiency in Germany. Each one has two parts. Vocabulary proficiency in Germany is divided into A1/A2 or basic, B1/B2 or experienced in the language, and C1/C2 or progressive language skills. To immigrate from the UK to Germany, you will have to give the exams and successfully finish them up to either A1 or B1. If you want to get a PR (permanent residence), you will require a more elevated proficiency of C1 or C2 level.

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Get a German Visa

Nationals of some countries are mandated to apply for and get a visa before joining Germany. On the other hand, some citizens do not require a visa to enter Germany. You can get information on whether a visa is required to enter Germany based on your country of residence. Furthermore, depending on the country, some nationals can also apply for a residence permit without a visa.

Moving to Germany for Study Purposes from the UK

Student Visa

Many individuals may not be familiar with this concept, but Germany delivers free schooling. The situation is different in countries like the UK and USA, which hold massive schooling fees. In contrast, colleges in Germany either have significantly lesser fees or no fees at all, except for some administrative charges. This makes Germany a hotspot for students who wish to immigrate from the UK to Germany to study. 

To immigrate from the UK to Germany to finish academic grades, you must apply for and acquire a visa to study in Germany. If you get your education visa for Germany and complete your degree, you can stay in Germany to explore and apply for jobs for a limited time. If you are successful in finding one, you can reside in Germany. According to data and reports from immigration consultants, 54% of students who complete a degree in Germany find a job there after graduating. 

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Moving to Germany for Work from the UK

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Job Seeker Visa

It may be noted that one of the most standard practices in preparing for the move to Germany from the UK is to apply for a work visa. Nevertheless, for almost all work visas in Germany, an individual should already have a job and have that employer sponsor them, ensuring that all requirements are met.

According to various media reports, Germany has declared a lack of qualified employees and highly skilled individuals. Therefore, they continually look for engineers, IT professionals, medical workers, and other qualified professionals. German immigration management has loosened the strict conditions for applying for visas and working in the country to attract such a crowd. 

Moving to Germany for Family from the UK

Staying away from family is difficult. To resolve this issue, an individual can also move to Germany to unite with their family member by getting a family reunification visa. Depending upon the circumstances, one can apply for a German visa from the UK if your spouse is German.

Finalizing the application process

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The first step is to apply for and register for a visa appointment at the German Embassy or Consulate, which is available and has jurisdiction near your location. If you wish to check up on the open dates and complete the appointment online on the official website of the German Embassy or Consulate in your location, after which it will be easy to book tickets for your departure. Depending upon the situation and rules and regulations, the processing duration for a German long-stay study visa usually takes around 6-12 weeks from the application day. 

Attending the visa appointment

This is the most critical step. A visa appointment interview is when Adam will have to meet the consular officer instantly as a visa applicant. Also, he will have to mandatorily submit all the visa-required documents. During a visa appointment, the officer will ask Adam questions about his application and personal ones, which he has to answer carefully and honestly. Every applicant is authorized to take legal action against the embassy or consulate’s decision on their visa application.

Preparing for life in Germany

Employees are valued in Germany quite a lot. Unions and organizations are present for employees, ensuring their fundamental rights are protected and resolving issues quickly. No one will have to worry about being mistreated and exploited. The same is true for students, as a healthy environment will aid in better studies. Also, Public transport is widely used in Germany, and it is an excellent experience.

Apart from the economic charm, the continued migration makes Germany a hometown for everyone because its diversity offers a rich cultural and social life. There are so many cultural and social attractions, not to mention the clean environment and recreational spaces.

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