UK, Best Place to Expand Your Business
England - UK in Commercial and Business Law

UK, Best Place to Expand Your Business

For entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups, the UK is the dream destination to establish their company. As the UK is the second cheapest place in the world for company registration with minimum paperwork and administrative procedures, you can register your limited liability company in less than two days in the most affordable way. It’s the simple, safe, fast, and best option for startups to kick start their businesses. United Kingdom’s regulations allow non-UK residents to register an LLC without a physical presence, simply handling the process through an agent. You don’t even have to necessarily buy or rent a place to register your company with its address, and virtual offices are always the more cost-effective option on the table. Come up with your business idea, make your decision, and your company is ready in a blink.

Ease of Process

In a turbulent post-Brexit, post COVID economy, you might be having second thoughts about running a new business here. Although uncertainty isn’t an excellent environment for a new business, it doesn’t mean not getting to know how business is there.

The United Kingdom is one of the most accessible places to set up and run a business and one of the cheapest. The British government is focused on improving entrepreneurship. This means more funds are available for younger entrepreneurs who may not be able to self-fund their startups.

Aside from being quickly set up and having a low rate of corporation tax, there are other reasons why this country is still the best place to set up a company; Brexit or no Brexit!

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You Have Accessibility to The Most Parts of Europe

There are lots of countries in the region that still eagerly communicate whit the United Kingdom;

The UK Government and the European Commission agreed to a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) enabling tariff-free passage of goods. New economic markets were created with their own regulatory conformity frameworks, which will have an impact on product conformity assessment, product marking, and market access.

This means for market access to Great Britain (England, Wales & Scotland): The United Kingdom Government will continue to recognize the CE Mark for existing products placed onto the GB market until 1 January 2022, and any new products from 1 January 2021 require the new UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) Mark issued by the United Kingdom Approved Body for goods placed on the market in Great Britain. The UKCA marking covers most goods that were previously subject to the CE marking. The UKCA mark cannot be used for goods placed on the EU or NI market.

For market access to Europe (including Northern Ireland): The EU will continue to require products to be CE marked to gain entry for sale in mainland Europe, on the basis that the mark is issued by an EU-based Notified Body.

For market access to Northern Ireland: If businesses are using a UK Body to conduct mandatory third-party conformity assessment, they will need to apply the UKNI marking from 1 January 2021. UKNI marking cannot be applied on its own – it always accompanies an EU conformity marking, such as the CE marking.


There’s No Need For Your Presence to Complete The Application Process!

While you are obliged to be present in order to complete and do your application tasks to start and register in other countries, feel free to stay in your headquarter where ever it is and register your business here!

So, there’s no need to travel to the United Kingdom to initiate your documents or notary any of your documents. You only have to be there to open a bank account.

Don’t Worry About Your Employees, You Will Have The Bests!

The United Kingdom has always been one of the most popular countries for students all around the world. The education system and universities attract a wide array of talent who look for work in this country after completing their degree. The high number of international students coming to British universities gives businesses a larger pool of talent to hire from.

The government’s apprenticeship schemes are another way of finding the right person, especially if you’re on a startup budget.

Besides all the advantages mentioned above, you might want to have a consultant with our lawyers in the UK, to ask more and run your business in this country as soon as possible, and also you may want to read:
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