Best Ways to Take Your Personal Legal Branding to the Next Level

More and more legal practitioners are showing interest in leveling up their personal branding and getting to the top of the legal industry. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at boosting your legal career using digital media and branding as well, and maybe you haven’t gotten the adequate return on your investment that you’d expected. Fear not! We’ll tell you all you need to know in order to kickstart your social media presence and content marketing, in addition to building your personal brand in the law, without wasting your time by jumping from one platform to another.

In the legal industry, networking is king! Even before the digital era and the conception of ‘personal branding’, lawyers made sure to present an authoritative image of themselves to prospective clients, via the power of talking. It’s pretty much the same these days, except that technological tools have taken the place of traditional door-to-door advertising. Therefore, It’s critical for lawyers with great ambitions to stay relevant in the legal business by consistently growing their presence in social media. Many lawyers and legal experts take a shot at this by running a personal website and producing legal content.

But in most cases, lawyers who have dedicated their limited, valuable time to broadcasting detailed and practical content on their websites get disappointed with the less-than-stellar results and not getting the attention they truly deserve.

What Is the Problem with Running Personal Websites?

Owning a personal website can be a remarkable experience for some, but won’t be the ultimate solution for all. Here are some of the drawbacks of running a personal website, to help you better decide whether it’s the right option for you or not:

  1. Demanding a great amount of time: On the internet, with its millions of websites and domains, it requires a great amount of time, effort, and of course SEO knowledge to drive traffic to your website and actually stand out. It could be quite challenging for many lawyers who are not familiar with SEO and who are not able to allocate enough time to optimize their websites.
  2. High costs: Running a successful website could be quite costly. Purchasing a domain is only half the way. Maintenance and advertising costs should be taken into account. Without maintaining your website, your Google ranking will drop, and you’ll rapidly lose viewers.
  3. Slow Results: Building a website from scratch and bringing it up to a reliable and functional level won’t happen overnight. You should have a thorough long-term plan and stick to it in order to gradually attract a loyal audience and boost your digital footprint.

Keep these facts in mind and consider both pros and cons of establishing your personal website, before making a hasty decision. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling invisible on the internet and simply give up.

What Would Be the Alternative?

In past years, there has been a huge shift from personal websites towards contributing to blogging platforms such as Medium. Within these networks of writers, you can reach a vast number of readers at zero or minimal cost, and receive the feedback that you need. 

Now, imagine a platform like what we just described, exclusive to lawyers and legal practitioners around the world. It will give you the opportunity to access an audience who can be your potential clients or colleagues. 

The good news is that you don’t need to imagine it. LegaMart’s platform, the global community of lawyers, is out there to help you boost your personal branding.

Why Choose Legamart?

First of all, it’s free, easy to use, a great environment to learn, and a great place to cultivate connections with both colleagues and clients. You can find the best approach to gathering a bigger audience without any fear of failure.

We’ve launched the LegaMart articles section, making content marketing, blogging, and igniting conversations around your brand and your ideas easier than ever.

All you need to do is to write your article, post it through your LegaMart account and VOILA! We handle the rest for you! 

Your article will be placed at the top of our blog and will feature your name and brand, in addition to linking it directly to your profile. That’s where your audience can find and reach out to you or read more of your content. 

Join LegaMart today and cut your personal branding journey short!

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