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Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for New Zealand Immigration from UAE

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The COVID 19 pandemic has left behind a great deal of uncertainty. Global unemployment rates are increasing. In the UAE, the World Bank estimates suggest that the unemployment rate has increased by 5% in 2020 alone. 

New Zealand immigration from UAE helps in offering a glimmer of hope for better job prospects and well-being. People worldwide, such as in the British Virgin Islands, Caicos Islands, and the Middle East, are trying to relocate to New Zealand. Below are the answers to frequently asked questions regarding a New Zealand visa and New Zealand immigration from UAE.

What is the process of New Zealand Immigration from the UAE?

To qualify for New Zealand immigration from the UAE, applicants must ensure a few things. Firstly, they must pick the correct visa category and submit their documents accordingly. New Zealand offers a variety of visas, such as the skilled worker visa, the student visa, and the dependent visa. After picking the desired visa category, an applicant will need to:

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

An expression of interest (EOI) is an indication made by the applicant to the New Zealand government of their desire to immigrate to the country. The EOI asks a few basic questions. These include questions about age, employment status, expertise, qualification, and relatives residing in New Zealand. 

The form also assesses the applicant’s character and health to ensure they can migrate to New Zealand. The EOI uses a point-based system to assign points according to the applicant’s answers. The applicant must receive at least 100 points to qualify for an invitation to apply (ITA). Currently, New Zealand is selecting candidates with 160 points and above.

Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If the EOI matches the point requirement of the New Zealand immigration authority, the applicant will receive an ITA. At this point, the applicant must provide proof of the claims made on the EOI, such as medical records and police clearance certificates. In addition, they need to pay the visa application fee. The New Zealand qualifications authority will then assess the application and documents.


The New Zealand Qualifications Authority assesses the submitted documents and the visa application at this stage. The New Zealand embassy will interview applicants to determine their suitability for settling in New Zealand. If approved, they will receive a residence permit or a work permit. The residence permit will let the applicant settle in New Zealand, whereas the work permit will give them nine months to find a job in New Zealand. 

What is the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA)?

If an individual travels to New Zealand from a visa waiver country, they can fly there without first applying for a visa. From 1st October 2019, such individuals require an NZeTA, which can be taken through the official NZeTA mobile app or the website. The New Zealand electronic travel authority (NZeTA) is valid for multiple visits within two years. The NZeTA will also act as a transit visa for the individual to transit in the country.

The standard processing time for receiving an NZeTA is 72 hours, but it can be issued as early as 10 minutes. To lodge an NZeTA request, the individual must pay NZD 12. Moreover, an additional international visitor conservation and Tourism Levy will be applied, costing NZD 35. 

Use of NZeTA for all GCC countries

Citizens of countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), including United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia), and citizens travelling on a GCC passport, are capable of visiting New Zealand for up to 3 months under the New Zealand Visa Waiver Programme. 

However, to be eligible for this programme, some requirements must be met by the individual:

  • The presence of NZeTA, without which you would not be allowed to board your plane or cruise. 
  • A valid passport for a minimum period of 3 months. 
  • Valid proofs for the complete payment of the return/out-board flight from New Zealand within 3 months. 
  • Proof of funds, capable of supporting the individual in New Zealand (should ideally be NZ $ 1,000 per month).
  • The individual should be capable of demonstrating their plans in New Zealand within those 3 months. 

It is further important to note that the Visa Waiver Programme only applies to UAE citizens and not to UAE residents. Therefore, if an individual has not achieved citizenship in UAE, it would not be possible for such an individual to benefit from the programme or the NZeTA and would, therefore, require a visa to visit New Zealand. 

What are the requirements to immigrate to New Zealand from the UAE?

Following are the general requirements for New Zealand immigration from UAE:

Obtaining the IELTS Score

For New Zealand immigration from the UAE, applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English. They can do this by achieving an overall IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) score of 6.5.

Creating an EOI

Secondly, they must create an EOI. An EOI will indicate their interest in New Zealand immigration from the UAE. 

Get an ITA

Thirdly, while considering New Zealand, immigrants from UAE must get at least a 100 score in their EOI. The New Zealand immigration authority will invite them to apply (ITA).


It is imperative that the New Zealand immigration authority approves your ITA before your New Zealand immigration from the UAE is finalized. 

How to prepare for New Zealand Immigration from UAE?

The following are some additional requirements to consider while applying for your visa:

  1. The applicant must be under the age of 55. 
  2. The applicant must be fluent in English.
  3. The applicant must prove their intention to stay in New Zealand.
  4. The applicant must be able to prove that they have good health and good character.

What is the Application Process for New Zealand Immigration from UAE?

The applicant must use the online system to apply for New Zealand Immigration from the UAE. The online system will let the candidate apply for a resident visa, including a dependent resident visa and a skilled migrant visa. 

Using this online system, the applicant can fill out application details, upload documents, and pay the application fee. The applicant can also apply for other visa categories, such as a student or visitor visa. 

Stages of the online immigration process:

Following are the stages of the online immigration process:

  1. Collect the supporting documents to be submitted with the online application. Documents include a valid passport with at least 6 months validity at the time of arrival in New Zealand, two recent photographs with white background, visa application forms, air tickets, bank statements of the last 6 months along with statements of international credit cards, and job confirmation letter (if any).
  2. Make an account on the online immigration system.
  3. Fill out the application form and upload all supporting documents.
  4. Pay the application fee via a credit card and submit the application.
  5. Wait for the immigration officer to review your application.
  6. Receive a decision.

What are the Various Available Visas for New Zealand Immigration from UAE?

After making an account on the New Zealand online immigration system, the applicant can choose from various visa categories while making the shift to New Zealand immigration from UAE. These include:

Student Visa: A New Zealand Student Visa will allow a student to study a full-time course in New Zealand that is longer than three months. 

Visitor Visa: The New Zealand visitor visa will allow tourists to explore New Zealand. Through this tourist visa, the applicant can visit family and friends. The applicant must provide proof of funds for their trip for this New Zealand visa. 

Work Visa: A New Zealand work visa will allow a skilled worker to undertake skilled employment in New Zealand. There are a variety of work visas available depending on whether the worker holds a job offer in the country. 

Depending on the job offer, the applicant may be able to apply for different work visas like skilled migrant visas, accredited employer visas, and the global impact permanent residence visa. If the applicant does not have a job offer, they can apply for a skilled migrant visa, a partner of a student work visa, or a partner of a worker work visa. 

Permanent Resident Visa: This visa can be obtained only after the applicant has been granted a resident visa. While a resident visa is used to facilitate travelling in New Zealand in some restricted conditions, the restricted conditions are removed through a permanent resident visa. Therefore, if you have held onto the resident visa for 2 years, and have shown a commitment towards the country’s guidelines, you can easily be given a permanent resident visa. 

Skilled Migrant Category Visa: This visa is based on a point system. Various categories, including age, qualifications, work experience, and employment experience, make up the point system. An ideal candidate for this visa should be 55 years or less and meet the character, health, and English language requirements as provided. 

Entrepreneur Resident Visa: This visa may be obtained by people who have successfully operated their business for at least 2 years on any other type of visa in New Zealand. It can also be given to someone who has been self-employed in New Zealand for at least 6 months. This visa has no time limit, and hence, the applicant would be eligible to live, work, and study once this visa has been granted. It is possible for a self-employed businessperson to take advantage of this visa, provided that the person already has an entrepreneur visa. Further, it is important for the person to have invested capital of NZ$ 500,000, along with creating new jobs in the country. 

Investor 1 Resident Visa: A person having at least NZ$10,000,000 to invest over a 3-year period is eligible for this visa. It is possible for the individual to come to New Zealand along with their family on this visa and bring their car and household items free of custom charges.

Investor 2 Resident Visa: A person having at least NZ$ 3 million is eligible for this visa. Herein, you are first required to send an EOI and a description of your business experience. If the authorities select you, you would be eligible to come to New Zealand with your partner and dependent.

Partner of a New Zealand Citizen Visa: If an applicant’s partner is a New Zealand citizen, they can apply for a visa on the applicant’s behalf. An applicant must provide proof of five years of cohabitation in another country. The applicant can then receive approval for permanent residency.

Group Visitor Visa: This visa allows the applicant to travel in a group for similar purposes to New Zealand. The group leader will be responsible for applying for visas for the entire group.

Dependent Child Visa: Dependent children are unmarried children who are financially dependent on their parents. A parent with New Zealand citizenship and a child under 24 can receive a visa for their child under this route.

Reasons for immigrating to New Zealand from UAE

A country which is an incredible travel destination as well as an expat destination, New Zealand is an attractive destination for immigrants, especially due to its low population and different government moves to attract immigrants into the country. Government prospects and schemes have resulted in a sharp rise in employment spheres, especially for immigrants who want to live and work in the country. An added advantage of low crime rate and excellent standard of living adds to the reasons. 

Further, New Zealand offers careers in diverse fields and has been consistently ranked highly in income and wealth distribution. New Zealand fares well in other indicators such as healthcare, life expectancy, quality of life, and well-being. Further, the people of New Zealand are known for being friendly and welcoming; hence, it becomes a perfect place for family living. 


New Zealand immigration from the UAE offers various job opportunities and an investment program. New Zealand is also globally known for its crisis management, as demonstrated by the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which kept infection rates at a minimum. Furthermore, the country is also famous for its natural beauty, welfare system, quality of education, and job satisfaction.

Therefore, it is the perfect destination for living. New Zealanders are also known for their welcoming and accepting nature, easing the process of immigration for migrants. Therefore, New Zealand residence is ideal for candidates looking to relocate to a country with stable economic conditions.

For an applicant to make a successful visa application for New Zealand immigration from the UAE, they must provide accurate documentation for their desired visa category and ensure that they achieve enough points in their EOI to qualify for an ITA. LegaMart’s immigration blog and LegaMart directory can provide more information on settling abroad.

Uncover the steps and procedures for immigration to different nations, with a focus on Turkey to Norway and US to Portugal, in Legamart’s insightful articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the New Zealand Visa Waiver Programme applicable to UAE citizens and residents?

Citizens of countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), including United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia), and citizens travelling on a GCC passport, are capable of visiting New Zealand for up to 3 months under the New Zealand Visa Waiver Programme. The Visa Waiver Programme is only applicable to the citizens of UAE and not to the residents of UAE. 

Is it Easy to Immigrate to New Zealand for UAE Citizens?

Yes. It is easy for UAE citizens to immigrate to New Zealand through correct guidance and close attention to detail. New Zealand offers a wide variety of visas for UAE citizens. 

Proper guidance and expertise can ease the process of lodging an application for immigration to New Zealand from the UAE. In the UAE, skilled immigration consultants can help you through every step. New Zealand immigration consultants can help to lodge an EOI, receive an ITA, and permanently move to New Zealand. 

These immigration services will streamline your New Zealand immigration process from the UAE. Moreover, an immigration expert will keep you updated with changing requirements.

How much does it cost to migrate to New Zealand?

A holiday visa costs about NZ$208 (€120). On the other hand, a skilled migrant or work visa can cost about NZ$3,615 (€2,093). Entrepreneurs, investors, and other types of visas can cost about NZ$4,745, depending upon the type of visa. 

What Are the Different Types of Work Visas Available for UAE Residents Moving to New Zealand?

New Zealand offers various work visas to UAE residents, such as the Skilled Migrant Visa for those with specific skills in demand, the Essential Skills Work Visa for temporary stays, and the Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa for occupations with a sustained shortage of skilled workers. Each visa has its criteria, and applicants must meet these requirements to be eligible.

How Does the Points System Work for the Skilled Migrant Category Visa?

The Skilled Migrant Category Visa operates on a points-based system, awarding points for factors like age, skilled employment, work experience, and educational qualifications. Applicants need a minimum of 100 points to submit an Expression of Interest, but those with 160 points or more are typically invited to apply.

How Long Does It Typically Take to Process a New Zealand Visa Application from the UAE?

The processing time for New Zealand visas can vary. Generally, work or skilled migrant visas take 2-3 months, but this can be longer depending on the complexity of the application and the volume of applications received by Immigration New Zealand.

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