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5 Top Iranian Lawyers in Turkey

Nowadays, as the interactions among countries are more than ever, we feel like the world has become smaller. It’s not like the olden days when merchants had to tolerate months of traveling to trade with other nations; businessmen today can close a deal overseas in less than a couple of hours, without actually having to leave their offices!

With more transactions between countries, the probability of the occurrence of conflicts rises too. This is even more so, for neighboring countries such as Iran and Turkey. That is why the demand for multi-jurisdictional lawyers is increasing constantly.

In this article, we will talk about the relations between Iran and Turkey’s legal system and mention some of the top Iranian lawyers in Turkey.

To have a clear understanding of the situation of legal industry development in Turkey, first, we should take a look at the economic development path of Turkey. According to worldbank.org: “Turkey’s economic and social development performance since the early 2000s has been impressive, leading to increased employment and incomes and making Turkey an upper-middle-income country.”

With long-term reforms, opening gates to foreign investment, and harmonizing many laws and regulations with European Union (EU) standards, Turkey managed to reach new levels of growth. Turkey’s legal industry development goes hand in hand with its economic development.

The legal ecosystem of Turkey has seen an increasing expansion ever since the economy advanced in a significant way. With an influx of investment from investors all around the world and the rise of multinational companies establishing subsidiaries in Turkey, new areas of law such as intellectual property and copyright started to play an important role in the Turkish legal industry as well.

In January 2017, the Turkish Intellectual Property law was updated broadly and harmonized with the EU Law and international norms, in order to encourage foreign direct investment (FDI).

New technologies also have a hand in the process of legal industry development in Turkey. For the purpose of making the whole process of foreign investment as convenient as possible, tech-based platforms are coming into view and taking the place of old-school procedures.

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As a lawyer looking forward to working internationally, you should be aware of the legal market trends in your chosen jurisdiction. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep up with the latest developments and have the opportunity to update your skills and knowledge in accordance with your desired fields. Here are some of the top legal market trends in Turkey:

  • Energy, oil, and electricity
  • IP, data privacy, and cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure
  • Investment
  • Real estate and property investment
  • Immigration law

According to legal500.com: “ Energy, oil, and infrastructure are key parts of the Turkish legal market, and projects have continued despite economic difficulties.” In addition, “a combination of global developments and COVID-19-enforced necessity has seen Turkey’s tech sector boom, with firms increasingly turning towards IT and telecoms clients for transactional work, as well as growing areas of interest such as data privacy and cybersecurity.”

Among the areas mentioned above, Immigration law and property investment are the most popular ones with Iranians. Turkey has been a desirable spot for Iranian investors over the last decade, due to its liberalized legislation and welcoming approach.

The real estate market is also attracting a large number of investors, to the extent that the Turkish real estate market is breaking a record in foreign property sales by the end of 2021. Iran is at the top of the 2021 chart for foreign citizens buying residential real estate in Turkey, according to the Turkish Statistical Office report. Whatever the reason is, from having a holiday home to gaining long-term residency, it is an appealing market for Iranian lawyers to step in and build up a profitable career.

Turkey also is one of the top immigration destinations among Iranians. Considering that many Iranians who are planning to immigrate to the US or Canada(or similar destinations), first try to get a residence permit in Turkey, in order to facilitate the process of Immigrating to their desired country. Through this path, many Iranians would need the help of skilled lawyers with mastery of Iran and Turkey’s legal rules.

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Community of Iranian Lawyers in Turkey

Although a lot of professional Iranian lawyers are currently working in Turkey, many Iranian or Turkish clients have a hard time finding the proper lawyer for their multi-jurisdictional issues. The problem here is the lack of an organized legal system introducing lawyers with detailed backgrounds and a list of the services they offer. Providing that brings about a competitive environment which makes it easier for clients to choose among options. Legal platforms with such types of structure as LegaMart, create communities of lawyers with common features, goals, and interests.

Both lawyers and clients are the beneficiaries of such communities. On the one hand, clients will have access to a vast variety of lawyers in any jurisdiction they want and can decide easier based on the commentaries expressed by other users. On the other hand, lawyers will have the benefit of being part of an experienced and professional legal experts network, which allows them to communicate and share their experience and knowledge together.

Building up a community creates a connection between the young generation of lawyers and the older attorneys, which is necessary for both groups. Those who are new to the business, can deepen their knowledge and learn the basic rules of the legal industry with the help of lawyers who have been in this industry for years. On the other side, aged attorneys who are in touch with a group of young lawyers would have the opportunity to stay up-to-date and be well-informed of the new perspectives and trends of the legal industry.

What Should You Take into Consideration about Iranian Lawyers in Turkey?

As it was mentioned before, neighboring countries like Iran and Turkey have a wide range of relations from commercial to social relations, which leads to the occurrence of potential legal issues. Considering that, some Iranians might need a lawyer to handle their legal matters taking place in Turkey or related to it. You should take into account different factors when it comes to hiring a lawyer in a cross-border case – in comparison to a domestic legal matter – which we look into some of the most important ones below:

First of all, being fluent in Turkish is obviously the primary factor that you should take into consideration. Don’t forget that knowing English is a plus, but it can’t take the place of mastery in the national language, especially in countries like Turkey where English is not that popular among people.

Whether you need a lawyer to go to the court, or negotiate with your contracting party on your behalf, if you choose someone who can’t speak Turkish, there won’t be much of a chance that you get your desired result. 

Also, familiarity with technology tools is a necessary qualification these days, particularly when we talk about international lawyers. Customers prefer to stay in touch with their lawyers and be informed about the state of progress in their cases. Therefore, knowing how to work with telecommunication software will make the whole process a lot easier. Besides, when you get a lawyer in another country, you might have to send him or she needed documents at some point, which again requires having at least basic computer skills.

Finally, having a practicing certificate or strong history of legal working in Turkey, must not be neglected. If you have a case taking place in Turkey, which needs to be filed in court, an Iranian lawyer with a practicing certificate from the Bar Association of Iran wouldn’t help you much. It actually depends on your requested legal service, whether you should hire a lawyer who passed the bar exam in Turkey, or just the one with significant working experience relevant to your asked service, who doesn’t have a practicing certificate.

Top Lawyers for Iranian Community in Turkey

To find a proper lawyer in accordance with your expectations, you need to look into your options’ resumes precisely and choose the best lawyer considering your financial state. Here, we have a list of top lawyers in Turkey, which might come in useful if you ever needed one:

Dr. Murat Can Pehlivanoğlu

He advises and represents individuals and multinational organizations, especially in cross-border partnership and foreign direct investment matters.

Dr. Pehlivanoğlu teaches a variety of different courses at universities in Turkey, such as American Law, European Union Law, Corporate Law, and Intellectual Property Law. He is an author and public speaker on subjects concerning contemporary legal debates, including shareholder oppression, equity crowdfunding, unfair competition, copyright recapture, and consumer agreements.

Cemile Küçük

As a lawyer, she has experience both in-house and as a business owner for 13 years. She has been drafting expert reports for courts in the fields of Labor Law, Actuaries, and Intellectual Property Rights for 7 years now. In addition to her legal education, she has an AS degree in Web Design and Coding. She is currently studying for a master’s degree at Gazi University, Department of Digital Forensics. She has experience and training in the fields of Labor Law, Actuarial Law, IT Law, Competition Law, IP Law, and Personal Data Protection Law. She has the GDPR Data Protection Officer Skills certificate from the University of Derby. Also, she passed the Trademark Attorney exam of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. During her 13 years of work, she has successfully served as a legal counsel to many companies and public sector unions. She is fluent in English, as well as Turkish, and has a basic knowledge of Chinese.

Aysegul Senoz

Aysegul is a highly motivated young lawyer in Turkey who also qualified as a solicitor in the UK. She has great legal experience regarding Turkish jurisdiction, including legal advice and legal drafting. In 2020 she dedicated a reasonable time to maritime-related legal topics, and right now, she is well educated in this field.

She is persevering in reading and writing, which has brought her achievements in writing contests and publishing articles.

As a Turkish lawyer and with her updated legal knowledge about UK law, Aysegul can assist you with your cases.

Buse Kuğu

She got her bar license in October 2017. Since then she has gained experience in litigation and enforcement follow-up in the Law of Obligations, Labour Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, and other areas of law. She has also provided legal advice to companies on personal data protection and other issues.

Right now, she continues working in these areas: Labor Law, Enforcement Law, Family Law, Property Law; preparation, Criminal Law, Trade and Contracts Law, Personal Data Protection Law.

Esra Nur Bal

She was born in Turkey. After graduating from high school, she continued her education at Marmara University Faculty of Law. She completed her legal internship at the Law Office, which is a leading law office in Istanbul about Competition Law, Sports Law and Commercial Law, and established Bal Legal in 2020. She carried out studies in Criminal Law, Commercial and Company Law, Family Law, and provided legal consultancy to people, companies, and groups between the foreign trade relations of the United Arab Emirates and Turkey in Contract Consultancy, Foreign Investment Law and International Commercial Law. She lives in Abu Dhabi/UAE and speaks advanced English and Spanish.

To Be Concluded

Iran and Turkey have very close economic relations in such a way that they are known as major trade partners. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier there is a great potential in the Iran-Turkey legal market for lawyers to work internationally and answer to the demand for multi-jurisdictional services. Whether you are a lawyer seeking to connect to a great community of international lawyers or a client with the need of legal services in another jurisdiction, LegaMart is the right place for you, join us.

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