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Iranian Lawyers in the UK

The United Kingdom, as one of the world’s leading economic and cultural spots, is home to one of the biggest, most thriving legal markets. There is a significant community of Iranians living in the United Kingdom. Also, there are vital commercial bonds between Iran and the United Kingdom, even with the sanctions in place. 

Therefore, it is important to have a general knowledge about the legal ecosystem of the UK, trends affecting this market, and also the community of Iranian lawyers in the UK. In this piece, we will briefly cover these topics.

Countries constituting the United Kingdom come under three separate jurisdictions; England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. These jurisdictions have their own court systems and legal ecosystems. However, when it comes to analyzing the UK legal ecosystem, we will be considering all of these separate jurisdictions together.

A report has shown that the value of the UK legal market, despite a slight decline in revenue (1.5 percent) during the first lockdown, has remained unchanged at £36.7bn. Business Wire states: “By far, the largest segment in the UK market is legal to work for business and commercial affairs (including commercial property), accounting for 46% of the total UK market revenue, and most of the high-value work in this segment is undertaken by the larger law firms. The largest segment in the consumer law market is personal injury/accident/medical negligence work valued at £4bn, although this sector has seen a decline in revenue in 2020. Family law and employment law are the next largest segments, followed by wills and probate and conveyancing.”

The global legal services market size is expected to grow from $850 billion in 2017 to $1 trillion in 2021 at a growth rate of almost 5%. The adoption of new technologies could increase productivity growth in the legal sector from 1.3% per year to 2.7% per year. 

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According to a report made by Reuters, not only did clients start to react more favorably to firms investing in the long-term development of the relationship, but they also started to give those firms more work. 

Skills that make top performers stand out to the UK legal departments are being practical, investing in developing good working relationships, being commercial and strategic, being approachable and friendly, and delivering quality advice. 

In summary, these are currently the key trends and challenges in the UK legal market:

  • Clients cutting their legal costs
  • The increasing market share of US firms and alternative legal service providers 
  • Mobility of talent 
  • Insufficient investment in technology 

In order to deal with these issues, some firms are focusing on their brand visibility, talent engagement, forming alliances with new law firms and tech providers. As a result of all the changes taking place since the pandemic, it was felt more than ever that UK firms needed to be more competitive to cater to the circumstances of the business market affected by the pandemic. 

Remote working is another main trend in the legal market. According to this report, it offers an array of benefits, such as greater efficiency, more productive use of technology, fewer commutes (which was particularly beneficial to those London-based partners who reported having the longest commute times of any city), and adoption of a better work-life balance. 

Another significant factor affecting the legal market is Brexit. US firms in the UK are less dependent on UK-EU relations and, as a result, seem to be less affected by this significant change. In general, it seems that most big firms have benefited from the increased need for advisory regarding the changes that will result from Brexit. 

Iranian Lawyers in the UK

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Iranian lawyers are practicing in all areas of law in the UK, including business, family, immigration, etc. Based mainly in London and Manchester, you can find solicitors active in some other fields of law such as Inheritance and Property Law. 

Amongst the top Iranian legal practitioners in the UK are Mansouri Solicitors (specialized in UK immigration, Property, and Employment Law) and Latif Zamani (specialized in Family, Welfare, and Litigation). Hoffman-Bokaei is another leading independent London law firm (specializing in UK Immigration, Property, Employment, Commercial, Family, Criminal, and Litigation). 

Overall, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to worry about not having access to a decent-sized market of Iranian and Persian-speaking lawyers in the UK, especially in England.

There is an organized community of Iranian lawyers in the UK called BILA. BILA (British Iranian Lawyers Association) is the community of Iranian lawyers in the UK who work aligned with the new legal trends, and are able to speak English and Persian.  Below, you can see a shortlist of some of the most prominent Iranian lawyers who are active in the UK:

Shahrokh Koussari

Shahrokh is a partner of Axiom DWFM with a wealth of experience in numerous sectors, such as banking and finance, media, retail, technology, energy, and renewable and real estate. He is capable of speaking in many languages and is known as a multilingual lawyer who speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Persian.

Yasaman Asaad

Yasaman has got enough experience in dealing with cases such as commercial law, residential property, and business and financial institutions. She is currently a member of Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP.

Attieh Fard

Ayyieh is the CEO of Fard & Co Solicitors law firm, with a great deal of experience in various trends, such as immigration, business, charity, family, employment, litigation, and human rights. Her clients have been individuals, businesses, and charities.

Golnar Bokaei

Golnar is the managing partner of ”Hoffman_Bokaei Solicitors.” She is a conservative councilor in the London Borough of Barnet and has experience in areas such as litigation, property, immigration, employment, licensing company, family, criminal, wills & probate.

Abtin Yeganeh

Abtin is an associate in the Dispute Resolution Department at Fletcher Day and has practical experience in different aspects, such as civil and commercial litigation. His clients are companies, officeholders, and individuals.

Ali Sajjadi

Ali is the CEO of AS & Co and is an experienced person in immigration matters. His fields of expertise include tourist visas, student visas, family reunification, marriage, point-based visas, permanent visas, obtaining citizenship and visa extension, Investment visa, and work visas.

Arman Khosravi

Arman is a partner at Oliver Fisher Solicitors, and he is experienced in civil and commercial litigation which encompasses breach of contract, professional negligence, company disputes, partnership disputes, landlord and tenant and property litigation and he supports his clients including companies, individuals, sole traders, and partnerships.

Mahgol Sharili

Mahgol is a multilingual legal advisor who can speak English, Persian, Swedish, and French and is also a member of Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP. She is experienced in commercial litigation, media, and copyright.

Javad Moghimi

Javad is the cofounder at JMGB LEGAL with great expertise in various trends such as criminal, corporate, international, litigation and immigration law.

Nadia Bazzaz

Nadia is a qualified solicitor in immigration law and also she has a wealth of experience in asylum, human rights, family, and public law.

Hamed Sadeh

Hamed is a registered foreign lawyer in England who manages a British law firm called MVLG.

Mehdi Erfan

Mehdi is a reputable Iranian-British lawyer with a rich history of practicing in the healthcare industry. You might’ve heard of him in the recent cost recovery case between NHS England and private hospitals. He represented all hospitals in the argument mentioned. Having the experience of leading the legal department of major companies and startups, he could provide you with desired solutions during times of complex challenges.

What should you take into consideration choosing a multi-jurisdictional lawyer?

Now that we have introduced some of the best Iranian lawyers in the UK, it is time to discuss what a client needs to consider when seeking a lawyer. 

First and foremost, a lawyer’s fluency in both Persian and English. Language skills are of crucial importance to lawyers and, therefore, a lawyer must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in both, if not more, languages. 

Previous work experience in both the UK and the Iranian market is another essential factor that must be considered. 

Moreover, the client needs a well-versed lawyer in the complexities of the two different legal systems. Academic background can also be another criterion that clients can examine when making a decision. 

To sum up:

With all that said, Legamart is the perfect platform for Iranian lawyers and clients to interconnect. The design of this platform can assist clients to easily find Iranian and Persian-speaking lawyers who are active in the United Kingdom in specific fields. 

This platform can help Iranian lawyers in the UK broaden their clientele and find new opportunities to come across clients from the other side of the globe. With the changes about to happen to the way, legal services will be offered in the future, being a part of an online platform dedicated to providing the best services possible is a must. 

Ease of access and trust in the quality of service is what we strive to provide here at LegaMart. Join us if you are looking for convenience, trust, quality, and efficiency.  

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