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Iranian Lawyers in Italy

Years ago, when we were talking about international lawyers, the only thing that would cross everyone’s mind were huge companies with controversial cross-border cases which required international attorneys.

But as we move forward, international lawyers are more in demand, not only among rich and famous corporations but even among small companies and individuals. It’s the consequence of the fact that the rates of migrants, trans-border marriages and foreign investments are rising rapidly.

Evidently, with more interactions between people around the world, the more related legal conflicts we face. A number of you readers might need an international lawyer with your multi-jurisdictional cases, but don’t know if you can afford one or how to choose the right lawyer based on your needs. In the following, we outline the main points you should consider, focusing on the Iran-Italy relations and the required qualifications of an Iranian lawyer in Italy. 

Compared to neighboring countries in the EU such as France, Austria and Spain, Italy has a long road ahead of itself to reach a developed legal ecosystem. The evolution of the legal industry of a country is directly rooted in its technological development. The more growth tech-based industry experiences, the more progress we see in the legal ecosystem.

The existence of a large number of family-owned companies along with the high value that Italian people put on emotional connection, resulted in a situation in which Italy can’t reach its full potential. Marco Imperiale, an Italian lawyer describes the legal system in Italy this way: “We are trying to be “2030-esque” in a country that looks a lot like 2010, especially compared to the advances of legal tech tools in the US, UK or some Asian countries”.

Considering Italy’s slow speed of development and the signs of upcoming noticeable improvements, it’s probably the perfect time for lawyers in Italy to upgrade their soft skills and build their career paths in modern, innovative and tech-based areas.

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Do you have any legal issue?

Iranians and Italians who have business or spousal relations might face various legal problems that require the professional help of a knowledgeable legal expert. Lawyers who wish to enter the international stage of the legal market and make a career with a promising perspective, are required to be aware of the trendiest legal issues which are taking place in the legal market. In below, we have some of the top legal trends in Italy:

  • Foreign investment 
  • Sponsorship and Distribution contracts
  • International commercial agency contracts
  • Tax and Custom Law
  • Immigration Law

Although the insecure state of Italian economy in recent years and the complexity of law are the barriers against foreign investment, nevertheless, investors around the globe are still interested to participate in Italy’s diverse market which includes an array of areas from manufacturing motors, fashion and art to food and tourism.

If you are willing to do this, don’t forget that getting involved in business affairs in Italy without taking advice from a lawyer intensifies the risk of being blocked under the “Golden Power” law. According to “The Golden Power law allows the Government of Italy (GOI) to block the foreign acquisition of companies operating in strategic sectors (identified as defensive/national security, energy, transportation, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, sensitive technology, and nuclear and space technology).”

The Italian government applies restrictions in order to: “protect the strategic national interests or in retaliation, if the government of the foreign firm applies discriminatory measures against Italian firms.”

In Addition, Italy’s legal system has been designed in a very complicated way which might mislead those who are not familiar with it. Italy’s legal system is a combination of ancient Roman Law and thousands of special laws and regulations. As Santaniello & Partners described it: “Over the years, this frequent regulation has caused many problems with regards to interpretation and understanding of the rules of Italian Law.

Especially for foreign citizens and companies living or working in Italy. Family law, child protection, Commercial Law or Tax Law, are examples of areas of law where these differences and problems show their intensity”. Having an Iranian lawyer in Italy would definitely facilitate dealing with your cross-border business matters.

Community of Iranian Lawyers in Italy

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With the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s lives have undergone a complete change in every possible aspect. Since then, people have learned to adapt to the new circumstances and work remotely in their homes via technological tools such as Zoom. Remote-working is a challenging subject that has both pros and cons. On the one hand, you have more flexibility to manage your working hours in a more convenient environment where you don’t have to be dressed up all the time.

In fact, remote-working gives you the opportunity to adjust your work to your own specific situation and preferences. On the other hand, this flexibility might confuse some who are accustomed to working in an office in which everything is ordered in a way that one does not have to worry about organizing personal time schedules. They just prefer to follow the routine that has been set for them.

Another issue that remote-workers including freelancers complain about is that being virtually connected doesn’t build strong bonds within coworkers or between employees and the employers, in comparison with the time when people spend a long time together at the workplace. maintaining a strong connection is especially crucial in the legal industry.

Through your links, you might find new clients or you can ask for others’ opinions about a complex case that you’re dealing with. Now that a large proportion of the society are working remotely, we should find a solution to optimize this condition for them. Legal platforms such as Legamart provide you the opportunity to join an international community of in-house lawyers and legal counsels, in order to build up a more prominent career path. 

What Should You Take into Consideration about Iranian Lawyers in Italy?

As an Iranian with a legal issue taking place in Italy or vice versa, you might need a qualified lawyer who is capable of handling a multi-jurisdictional case. Below we’ve mentioned some of the main qualifications that you should consider when you’re considering to hire Iranian lawyers in Italy: 

  • First of all, being fluent in Italian is obviously the primary factor that you should take into consideration. Don’t forget that knowing English is a plus, but it can’t take the place of mastery in the national language. Whether you need a lawyer to go to the court, or negotiate with your contracting party on your behalf, if you choose someone who can’t speak Italian, there won’t be much of a chance that you get your desired result. Speaking the national language in a procedural or negotiating process is an act of courtesy which is considered quite important in most countries.
  • Also, familiarity with technology tools is a necessary qualification these days, particularly when we talk about international lawyers. Customers prefer to stay in touch with their lawyers and be informed about the state of progress in their cases. Therefore, knowing how to work with telecommunication tools will make the whole process a lot easier. Besides, when you get a lawyer in another country, you might have to send him or her essential documents at some point, which naturally requires a preliminary skill of working with computers.  
  • Finally, work experience in Italy must not be neglected so you can get a sense of the abilities and fields of expertise of your probable lawyer. New legal platforms have facilitated exploring through many lawyers by observing their profiles and comparing them, without any need of a referral.

Top Iranian Lawyers in Italy

To find a proper lawyer in accordance with your expectations, you need to look into your options’ resumes precisely and choose the best lawyer considering your financial state. Here, we have a list of top Iranian lawyers in Italy which might come in handy if you ever needed one:

Elmira Shahbazi

Elmira is registered with the Milan Bar Association and with the International Arbitration Chamber as an Arbitrator. She graduated in Law from the University of Florence, with a thesis in International Comparative Law. Subsequently, she attended a Master’s degree in Tax Law at IPSOA Wolters Kluwer Group. In 2020 she was selected among the emerging professionals for a diplomatic meeting with the current Iranian ambassador in Italy, aimed at strengthening and increasing economic exchanges between Iran and the city of Florence. Before starting her collaboration with Lexia Avvocati, she had developed her professional career in Italy and abroad, in leading national and international firms.

In addition to Italian, Elmira is fluent in Farsi, English and has a basic understanding of Arabic. Her practice areas are Corporate, M&A startups & Venture Capital Trusts and Asset Protection.

Leili Mazi

Leili is a native Farsi speaking lawyer based in Rome, Italy. She received her Doctor of Law(JD) degree from the University of Sapienza. Later on, she attended The Rome Bar Association and pursued her career in the fields of corporate and commercial law in particular. She offers her assistance and consultancy for Italian and foreign companies and individuals. Since she speaks both Farsi and Italian fluently, she would be a perfect match for your legal cases that are related to Iran and Italy jurisdictions.

Leili’s areas of expertise are Civil law, Labour law, Corporate contracts, Immigration law and Arbitration and litigation.

Shahab Keshavarzi

Shahab is a qualified tax attorney in Milan, Italy.

He mostly deals with accounting, tax and administrative consultancy. He speaks 4 languages including Farsi, Italian, English and Spanish. Due to his fluency in Farsi and Italian, he can take care of your financial cases taking place in Iran or Italy.

Nassim Abboud

Being born in Milan from an Iranian mother and a Lebanese father, granted Nassim a fair amount of familiarity with the language and the culture of these different countries. 

She graduated in law from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and started to work as a legal assistant in national and international law firms, drafting and translating contracts and assisting in lectures and arbitrations. She has one-year of experience at the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce in Tehran as a legal advisor, and currently is collaborating with Ferdowsi Legal in the position of a legal consultant.

With the ability of speaking 5 languages, and fluency in Farsi and Italian, she will meet your desired expectations of a multi-jurisdictional lawyer.

To Sum Up

As we brought it up earlier, the future of the legal industry lies in the new forms of legal services associated with technological tools and in-house counseling. Legamart is the place that provides you with the opportunity to keep up with the worldwide changes and helps you to establish your career path as a creditable international lawyer. Join us!

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