5 ways to Immigrate to Canada from UAE

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If you live in the UAE and want to head northwest, here are some steps you can follow to immigrate to Canada from UAE and get Canadian permanent residence. About 100 economic-class immigration schemes are available in Canada, such as; Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Express Entry, and so on. 

Canada’s Federal Government’s department, named “Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada”- (IRCC), has established the Express Entry system to make the visa and application process smooth and straightforward for people who want to immigrate to Canada from UAE. This article will show you different options, pathways, and procedures to immigrate to Canada from UAE.


Canada is one of the favorite destinations of many people for permanent settlement. It has many things to offer its residents, such as a natural landscape, cultural diversity, social tolerance, social security benefits, stable residency status, and quality of life. Because of its liberal policies for immigrants and newly settled people, it appeals greatly to those who want to pay in another country. It also offers better job and career opportunities for nationals and foreigners alike.

What are the Options to Immigrate to Canada from UAE?

Client filing SIN application after Immigrate to Canada from UAE for work and study

Many people head to Canada from the UAE every year for permanent residence. Though a lower number of UAE nationals immigrate to Canada, people with other nationalities apply for immigration to Canada from the UAE, with the UAE as their previous country.

  1. Federal Economic Class
  2. Provincial Economic Class
  3. Quebec Immigration
  4. Business Immigration, including the Start-Up Visa Program
  5. Family Class Sponsorship

The details of these options to migrate to Canada from the UAE are as follows:

Federal Economic Class

The most significant number of immigrants accepted by Canada is under the economic class. The largest group within the economic class is the Federal High Skilled category. This category includes:

  1. Federal Skilled Trades
  2. Federal Skilled Worker
  3. Canada Experience Class

For Skilled Workers, Express Entry is a great option to immigrate to Canada from UAE. The Express Entry Program operates under Federal Economic Immigration Programs. It requires candidates to submit their profiles. The highest-scoring profiles are given an invitation to apply to one of the immigration programs mentioned above.

Here, the higher your score in the Comprehensive Ranking System, the better it is for your application. The score depends on various factors, including age, education, language ability, and work experience. The best way to have an increased score is to have a job offer, which alone can provide you with 50-200 points, as per the skill level. Upon receiving an invitation, candidates have a 60-day window to submit a complete application. After submission, a response can be expected within another 60 days. Successful applicants can then look forward to their new life in Canada. 

Provincial Economic Class

If one doesn’t qualify for the Federal Economic program, the second best option for immigrate to Canada from UAE is through the provincial economic class program. Canadian provinces create Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) to address regional labor market concerns. Eight of Canada’s provinces and territories participate in the program, except Nunavut and Quebec provinces. These programs are:

  1. Alberta Immigration
  2. British Columbia Immigration
  3. Manitoba Immigration
  4. New Brunswick Immigration
  5. Newfoundland Immigration
  6. Nova Scotia Immigration
  7. Ontario Immigration
  8. Prince Edward Island Immigration
  9. Quebec Immigration
  10. Saskatchewan Immigration

Quebec Immigration

A client visa application Immigrate to Canada from UAE

The only passive investment program to provide direct Canadian Permanent Resident status to people who want to immigrate to Canada from UAE. Some primary requirements to be met for this immigration option are:

  • Having a legally acquired personal net worth of $2 million. 
  • Having at least 2 years of business or management experience within the preceding 5 years of the application.
  • Investment of $1.2 million into a passive government guaranteed investment for a period of five years bearing no interest.
  • Intention to settle in Quebec. 

Some other programs run by the Quebec Province are Immigrant Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Programs, which a candidate may also explore. 

Business Immigration, including the Start-Up Visa Program

The Business Immigration Program is used to attract more entrepreneurs and investors, and has a high success rate. Some of the common visa options at the federal level are:

  1. Self Employed Program
  2. Start-up Visa Program
  3. Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program

Qualified immigrant entrepreneurs can apply for Canadian permanent residence through “Canada Start-Up Visa Program.” It aims to connect innovative entrepreneurs with private sector investors in Canada who would assist them create their start-up firms

Before finally qualifying for permanent residence, candidates may immigrate to Canada from UAE on a work permit with the support of their designated Canada-based investor once their business ends.

Some basic eligibility requirements for obtaining a Start-up Visa are:

  • Having a qualifying business. 
  • Commitment Certificate and Letter of Support from a designated entity.
  • Sufficient unencumbered, available and transferable settlement funds.
  • Proficiency in English or French at minimum Canadian Language Benchmark level 5.

Private-sector investors fall into three categories:

  1. Venture capital firm – requires the confirmation of investing at least $200,000 (single or cumulative) in the qualifying business. 
  2. Angel investor – requires the confirmation of investing at least $75,000 in the qualifying business. 
  3. Incubator for small businesses 

For most students planning to study abroad, Canada is a dream destination. The country is known for being one of the safest, friendliest, and most tolerant states worldwide. It has one of the best higher education systems in the world. Canada has top-ranked universities offering globally recognized degrees and study plans. To be eligible for a canadian study visa, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  1. An acceptance letter from a Learning Institution you apply in.
  2. Proof that you can financially sponsor yourself.
  3. Valid passport or travel document.

Family Class Sponsorship

One of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada from the UAE is when you have your relative already living there and who sponsors your cause. The sponsor must be a permanent resident of Canada and above 18 of age. People who want to migrate to Canada from UAE can apply for this program and get settled in Canada with their family members. This is called the family sponsorship Canada immigration program.

The family sponsorship program can be used to sponsor the following relatives:

  1. Parents
  2. Dependent children
  3. Siblings (brothers or sisters), nephews, and nieces
  4. Spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner
  5. Grandparents

What are the Key Requirements to Immigrate to Canada from UAE?

A picture of a globe showing where to study in Canada.

The key requirements to immigrate to Canada from UAE are as follows:

  1. Educational credential assessment
  2. Full-time work experience for a minimum of at least 2 years
  3. English or French language skills
  4. Health certificates
  5. Character certificates
  6. Minimum 67 points to be eligible for Canada’s Express Entry program
  7. The work experience must be under the skill types:
    1. Skill Level A, which includes Professional Occupations)
    2. Skill Level B, which includes Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades)
    3. Skill Type 0, which includes Managerial Occupations)
  8. Sufficient funds to financially support your immigration plan

How to Get the Critical Steps Involved in the Process to Immigrate to Canada from UAE?

An immigrant with a Canadian flag seeking to Immigrate to Canada from UAE

If you are planning on immigrating to Canada from UAE and would like an immigration attorney to help you with the process, Legamart is the organization for you to choose. Get started by finding a lawyer in the legamart directory.

Profile Evaluation
It involves an evaluation of basic eligibility to immigrate overseas. These essential eligibility criteria apply; age, qualifications, skillset, financial status, etc. considerations. Our visa experts or lawyers will render their services to evaluate your profile and guide you to make it perfect.

Test Preparations
To immigrate to Canada from UAE, you need to qualify for language tests like; CELPIP, TEF, and IELTS. We also guide the applicants for test preparation, providing tips and techniques to score well.

Documents & Review
The immigration process involves a lot of documentation, legal requirements to be fulfilled, and verification of credentials and documents, where a slight mistake can lead to the cancellation of your visa. An expert’s advice and review can save you from trouble. Legamart deals with such issues with the utmost expertise, where the chances of any mistake are negligible.

Dedicated Case Officer
Specialization and division of tasks are our core values. We have delegated officers to perform different jobs such as documentation, evaluation of profiles, legal formalities, and more.

Resume Writing
We have expert writers who help evaluate resumes, personal statements, and purpose statements. Without an excellent resume, securing a job or education visa overseas is difficult.

Visa Filing
After having completed the documentation process, the most crucial task is visa filing, which determines whether your journey to settle abroad will come true or not. We guarantee success after visa filing.

Visa & Interview
Our experts also prepare the successful visa filers for the interview, with the process of documentation and final immigration ends.


Canada has many things to offer its residents, such as a natural landscape, cultural diversity, social tolerance, social security benefits, stable residency status, and quality of life. Because of its liberal policies for the immigrants and the newly settled people, it appeals greatly to the people who want to settle in another country.

It also offers better job and career opportunities for nationals and foreigners alike. Canada offers different types of immigration programs which include; Federal Economic Class, Provincial Economic Class, Quebec Immigration, Business Immigration, the Start-Up Visa Program, and Family Class Sponsorship. The process to immigrate to Canada from UAE is smooth and straight.

Uncover the steps and procedures for immigration to different nations, with a focus on Turkey to Norway and US to Portugal, in Legamart’s insightful articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What documents are required to make immigration applications to Canada?

While the specific documents may vary, depending on the immigration program, the common documents required with all immigration applications to Canada are – passport, education credentials, language test results, work experience letters, medical examination, and police clearance certificate. Ensure that you read through the specific instructions for your immigration program before going forward with the submission. 

What strategies can help increase the CRS Points to receive an invitation to make an immigration application to Canada?

Some common ways of increasing your CRS are:

  • Language Proficiency – helps you earn up to 160 CRS points.
  • Work Experience – a minimum of 2 years experience can provide 80 CRS points.
  • Education – The higher the qualifications, the better the chances of receiving 150 CRS points.
  • Spouse – the education level and language proficiency of your spouse also contributes 10-20 CRS points.
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – a nomination through the PNP provides a boost of up to 600 CRS points. 
  • Job offer – helps in earning 50-200 CRS points, depending on the skill required. 

What is the cost breakdown of an immigration application from UAE to Canada?

A close estimate of the costs you can expect to incur for an immigration application from UAE to Canada are:

  • Educational Credential Assessment – 250-5000 CAD
  • Visa (Primary or Secondary) – 850 CAD
  • Rights of Permanent Residence Permit Visa – 515 CAD
  • IELTS Fee (in UAE) – 1260 AED
  • Medical Fee – 900 AED 

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