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Quick Guide to Immigrate from UK to Spain


Spain’s appeal is understandable given its loose lifestyle, low cost of living, and an average of 300 days or more of sunlight annually along its Mediterranean coast.

With well over 350,000 British people formally registered as residents, Spain is the most famous European country for British ex-pats (though it is estimated that up to a million Brits are living in Spain).

However, the way to immigrate from the UK to Spain is more complex nowadays. On December 31, 2020, the transitional period for Brexit came to an end. Citizens of the United Kingdom can no longer travel freely inside the European Union. This implies that British nationals must apply for a visa if they want to live in an EU nation. Thus, this article seeks to expose the obstacles people may face when they immigrate from the UK to Spain.

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Verify your Eligibility for Immigration by Reviewing the Visa Criteria

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Following Brexit, British nationals will be required to apply for the same visas as other non-EU immigrants. For this reason, the following are available:

Work visa

Employment is one of the simplest methods to immigrate from the UK to Spain. The essential advantage of this approach is that it is safe and quick to complete.

Immigration based on employment necessitates getting a short-term or long-term residence visa in Spain; nevertheless, British nationals with EU Blue Cards can utilize these if they choose to relocate here. There are also specific kinds of work permits for some specialists and seasonal employees, such as au pairs; however, they are given for limited periods and require extra extended processes.

A British national must first get a job offer and a contract from a Spanish firm to obtain a work and residency permit in Spain. The immigration process can then commence. However, the Spanish labour market is one of the most adaptable in Europe, and English-speaking individuals are in high demand, particularly in enterprises that cooperate with overseas partners.

Student visa

In contrast to the United Kingdom, Spain is one of the sunniest European nations, which draws many young British nationals who come to study and then decide to stay. The number of people choosing to immigrate from the UK to Spain is increasing dramatically.

The student visa is one of the most popular forms of visa for young people looking to immigrate from the UK to Spain. Obtaining a student visa after enrolling in a Spanish superior education facility is relatively straightforward. A passport, an admission letter, and adequate finances are required to secure a student visa and relocate here.

Even after Brexit, moving to Spain on a student visa is relatively straightforward, and our immigration attorneys can assist people interested in this alternative. It should be noted that student visas are given for varying lengths of time, with the minimum stay being three months. However, obtaining such a visa for at least 180 days is more advantageous because it comes with a Type-D residence permit, allowing an international student to work in Spain on a 20-hour-per-week basis.

Other Visas

  • Non-lucrative visa: for British people who wish to retire in Spain;
  • Family-reunification visa: for individuals who have family relations in Spain and can help with relocation;
  • Investor visa: A residency permit, sometimes known as an investment visa, may be issued to a foreign national who can demonstrate accessible cash in a particular amount and a business plan. An investor may establish a firm in Spain and get an investor visa on these lawful grounds if it satisfies specific legal requirements. Existing business owners may also apply under a particular condition.
  • Wealth visa: This is a residency permit for candidates who can demonstrate sufficient subsistence money to live in Spain without working. If the applicant can demonstrate the requisite stable balance, he is eligible for a wealth visa.
  • Golden visa: Also known as a Property visa, this visa offers applicants residence permit privileges upon acquiring real estate property in Spain for at least 500 000 EUR. Any property can be purchased to qualify: an apartment, a home, business premises, land, or a combination of these.

Required Documents to Immigrate from the UK to Spain

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The key documents to be provided are the passport (valid for at least six months) and Form EX18, which must be filled out in two copies. Other papers, depending on the status of UK nationals migrating here, must be supplied in addition to these. The following legislation may be used:

  • That of workers, for which the employment contract or paychecks are required as proof; 
  • That of self-employed individuals, for whom proof of registration with the Economic Activities Registrar is required; 
  • That of retired individuals, for whom proof of public health coverage is required; 
  • And that of students, for whom various documents are required, including a letter of enrollment with a university or other form of education.

Non-employed individuals who come to Spain from the United Kingdom must provide proof of financial resources to sustain themselves and family members, as well as evidence of health insurance coverage.

Besides, before moving to Spain from the United States, Canada, or any other nation, including those in the European Union, you must get a tax identification number known as a Numero de Identificación de Estranjeros.

The Extranjera, police station, or social security office in your city of residency is where you should go with the required paperwork (application form and a copy of it, passport and a copy of it, receipt as proof of service fee payment, and documentation proving the cause for your long-term stay). Your NIE’s preparation won’t take more than 15 business days. For a variety of things, like starting a business, opening a bank account, signing contracts, and getting a job, you’ll need that tax identification number.

Find a Reputable Immigration Lawyer to Help with the Process

A UK national filing the visa application for immigrating to spain

The immigration process already requires a lengthy investment of knowledge and time to distinguish all kinds of visas to find the one that suits your case the best.

Now that you know you have the option of a visa, the following critical requirements must be met: Select someone to assist you with legal assistance and an immigration application.

Additionally, you must decide if you require a foreign legal consultant or an immigration lawyer who is admitted to practice law in a particular country. How can you get credible and trustworthy legal counsel in another nation once you have determined the type of lawyer best suited to handle your circumstance?

Consider the gravity of the situation: You are unfamiliar with the nation’s legal system and are unaware of the network of attorneys practising in that particular jurisdiction.

Finding a qualified lawyer you can rely on to handle your case correctly when you immigrate from the UK to Spain is essential. It would be best if you found someone who can give you every aspect of your circumstance and can answer all your inquiries wholeheartedly, starting with essential points.

A good outcome is more likely to occur when you choose the finest individual for your case who will also put you on the best road to victory. You may ask a friend or member of your family who has dealt with a matter like yours for a lawyer’s recommendation. Still, since every situation differs, more than word-of-mouth recommendations are needed to suit your needs.

There is considerably more involved in granting the power of lawyer to an international lawyer than a quick Google search. More than a few well-written evaluations and a great image is needed to establish trust. Additionally, since you will reveal much personal information, privacy and secrecy are essential for your search.

Or, more simply, you can check out the very skilled attorneys that are a part of our community here at LegaMart in our advocacy area to grasp all the details that suit your case the best based on your questions right from your smartphone.

Procedures to Follow When Applying to Immigrate from UK to Spain

A schengen visa for UK national for a short-term stay in Spain

The applicant personally submits his visa application and all supporting documentation to the Spanish Embassy in his country of residence. The Embassy forwards the application packet to Spain’s primary immigration organization. The Embassy will contact the applicant after the application has been granted.

The applicant must go to Spain after obtaining a visa. The applicant must enter Spain within the time frame specified by the issued visa (usually 90 days).

Those who immigrate from the UK to Spain and want to stay for more than three months must register with the Central Register of Foreign Nationals within 30 days of arrival in Spain. In this instance, they have the following options:

  • Should register with the Register’s local office in the province where UK residents reside;
  • If there is no Register office in their city, people must register with the local police station.

The Spanish residency permit must be renewed annually. The residence permit can be renewed indefinitely as long as the grounds for home acquisition are maintained.


The immigration system in Spain is complex, and you should always conduct research before deciding on a visa. There are several possibilities for various scenarios, so it’s essential to thoroughly consider each one to determine which one best meets your requirements.

Consult an immigration professional for further information on how to immigrate from the UK to Spain, how to process your visa, and which ticket pertains to your immigration procedure. You can check out the very skilled attorneys that are a part of our community here at LegaMart in our advocacy area to grasp all the details that suit your case the best when you immigrate from the UK to Spain based on your questions from your smartphone.

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