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3 Best Ways to Immigrate from the US to Portugal

Best ways to immigrate from the US to Portugal


Due to events such as gun violence, the reversal of abortion laws by the Supreme Court, etc., many Americans are considering moving to different countries. Immigration to Portugal from the USA has become more popular due to its economic stability, high quality of life, and growing job prospects. 

According to the Ex-pat Insider Report 2022, Portugal ranked fourth in the Quality of Life Index. Portugal has a warm subtropical climate, stretches up to the coast, and has sandy beaches, a great deal for Americans.

However, many immigrants choose big cities, such as Lisbon, Faro, Setubal, and Porto, for immigration to Portugal. 

It is a wonderful experience for Americans to immigrate from the US to Portugal, where they can hike the Atlantic and explore universities and beautiful beaches. It ranked fourth on Global Peace Index in 2022.

Once you immigrate to Portugal, you will be amazed by the diverse culture, world-class food, and friendly people. But just thinking about it does not make the process of immigration to Portugal easy. You must obtain a visa based on your requirement from the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

We understand you might have many questions about immigrating to Portugal or Portuguese citizenship, like whether it is costly to immigrate from the US to Portugal. Is Portugal a safe country for ex-pats? And many more. This article will discuss the best possible ways to move to Portugal.

Why should you Immigrate from the US to Portugal?

Reasons to immigrate from the US to portugal

Portugal is a European country located in the southwest of Europe. It is part of the Schengen area, which means there are no border controls between Portugal and other countries in the Schengen area. Immigration to Portugal from the USA for the past ten years has grown steadily.

The United States of America is the largest immigrant-receiving country in Portugal, followed by Nigeria and several European countries.

Various factors exist, as mentioned below, due to which people select Portugal as the destination country. 

What are the citizenship prospects for US Citizens in Portugal?

Citizenship prospects for US Citizens in Portugal become easier due to the allowance of dual citizenship by both countries. Therefore, it is possible for a person to gain citizenship in both countries at once.

For example, a foreigner can apply for a residence permit in Portugal after a legal residence of 5 years. On the other hand, it is also possible for an individual to immediately take Portuguese citizenship through naturalization and become a Portuguese citizen. 

Usually, the citizenship process in the Portuguese embassy takes 7-12 months. This period is inclusive of the following steps:

  • Citizenship Application. This can be done in person or by mail to the Central Registry Office. 
  • The department registering the application sends the application to the Central Registry Office. The process takes a maximum of 48 hours. 
  • Preliminary document verification is conducted by the Central Registry Office. In case the office finds any incomplete information, the applicant is informed about the same and is given 20 days to complete the documentation procedure. 
  • Thereafter, the Central Registry Office requests additional information about the applicant from the police and the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service (SEF). 
  • If the office approves the documents, the documents are then sent to the Ministry of Justice. 

The final decision is undertaken by the Ministry of Justice. If approved, the ID cards are issued and produced for the applicants.

Best Ways to Immigrate from the US to Portugal

Moving to Portugal from the USA is one of the most popular immigration programs for people looking for a new opportunity who want to experience life in the beautiful land of Portugal and explore what other European countries have to offer through their culture and traditions. 

The process of moving to Portugal from the USA is slightly different than you might expect. The citizens of countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom citizens are granted visa-free access to Portugal for short stays.

The Portuguese passport is considered one of the world’s strongest passports, providing visa-free access to 186 countries.

In light of the different Portuguese visas mentioned below for Portugal immigration, it becomes easy immigrating to Portugal from the US. This can be done through the following types of Portuguese visas for moving to Portugal:

D7 Visa

It is also called Retirement Visa, Passive Income Visa, or Digital Nomad Visa. To obtain a D7 Visa or a Passive Income visa, you must show proof of minimum income or pension for 12 months.

The applicant must have a guaranteed monthly income of at least €760 for a single person or €1,140 for a couple. You may bring your dependents on the D7 if you show an additional €228 per dependent. Alternatively, you can also make use of the D6 Family Reunification Visa which allows non-EU citizens who are spouses, partners, or dependents of EU citizens to join them in Portugal.

Documents required for Portugal Immigration

The following documents will be required by the embassy for Portugal immigration for moving to Portugal:

  • D7 application form
  •  Valid passport
  •  2 passport-sized photographs
  •  Proof of passive income
  •  Proof of accommodation
  •  Criminal background check
  •  Six months of bank statements

If you are facing any issues in the application process, Legamart can help you from the beginning till you move to Portugal.

Golden Visa

To enter Portugal from the USA is possible in several ways, including immigrating through Portugal Golden Visa Program. American ex-pats can obtain this visa by investing in Portugal.

The golden visa is also popular among foreign investors to access essential Portuguese investment deals. In addition, you can live, work, study and travel freely within the Schengen area through this visa.

To become eligible for the Golden Visa program, you must invest some amount in any of the below-mentioned categories:

  • Purchasing residential real estate properties worth at least €350,000 in certain renovation areas
  •  Purchasing commercial real estate properties worth at least €400,000 
  •  Investing at least €500,000 in a qualified fund
  •  Investing a minimum amount of €500,000 in a company that could create at least ten jobs
  •  Capital transfer of at least €1,50,000
  •  Investing at least €500,000 in research programs
  •  Investing a minimum amount of €250,000 in cultural art or reconstruction of national heritage

Golden Visa Program only requires staying seven days in the first year and fourteen days in the following two-year periods for Portugal immigration. The golden visa would require a processing time of six months.

From January 2022, residential investments in Lisbon, Porto, the Silver Coast, and the Algarve are not eligible for a Golden Visa.

Documents required to immigrate from the US to Portugal

As part of the immigration process to Portugal, the embassy will require the following documents for moving to Portugal:

  • Valid passport
  •  2 passport-sized photographs
  •  Criminal background check 
  •  Proof of health insurance
  •  Sworn Statement to maintain your investment for at least five years
  •  If you have purchased property, a sale deed of the property is required.
  •  If you have made a capital transfer, then a declaration from the bank stating the details of the deposit is required.
  •  If you have invested in arts, a declaration by the Portuguese Strategy, Planning and Cultural Assessment Office is required that can state the details of the investment.

It is important to complete all these requirements to avoid any last-minute delays and confusion.

Schengen Visa

This visa is also called a Short Stay Visa or Residency Visa. You can stay for a maximum of 90 days in a 180-day time frame through this residency visa. This visa is issued for tourism, family visits, business, temporary work, airport transit, or other stays in Portugal of a temporary or seasonal nature. The general fee for a Portuguese residence permit is €80. 

It is also possible to obtain permanent residency in Portugal once you continue having a residency visa for 5 years or more.

Documents required for Short Stay Visa

The following documents will be required by the embassy for Portugal immigration by the Portuguese government:

  • Valid passport
  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof that you are financially capable of supporting your stay
  • Details of ticket reservation
  • Accommodation details
  • Purpose of Stay

Other Visa Options

D8 Digital Nomad Visa

This visa program was introduced in October 2022 and mainly caters to the needs of remote workers through two streams. The first stream is the D8 Lite, which deals with a one-year residence permit, which is extendable for 6 months. If you wish to continue living in Portugal beyond 18 months as an American, you must shift to stream two. 

The second stream is the D8 Digital Nomad Visa, also known as D8 Plus. It is a two-year visa, which is renewable for three years. 

For D8 Lite, the minimum financial requirement is proof that you have at least €2,820 stable income as an individual applicant. You are allowed to use multiple income sources to achieve this minimum contribution. For D8 Plus, you require at least €8,460 in savings. It would be preferred to transfer the same to your Portuguese bank account. This is because the D8 Plus Visa requires you to open a Portuguese bank account, which is not required with D8 Lite. 

Startup Visa and Tech Visa

Americans with great ideas can make use of this visa. This residence permit is provided to entrepreneurs to attract investments and improve innovation capacity in Portugal. You are required to complete the following requirements to obtain this visa:

  • Intend to develop business activities to produce innovative goods and services; 
  • Open or relocate companies and projects focused on technology and knowledge, with a perspective of developing innovative products; 
  • Have the potential to create qualified employment and 
  • Have the potential to attain, five years after the incubation period, a turnover of over €325,000 per year and assets value of over €325,000 per year.

The tech visa becomes more appropriate for someone engaged in the tech industry but not a startup founder. Here, you are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent level 6 according to ISCED 2011, or a level 5 (tertiary level education) with 5 years of experience in specialized technical functions. 

D2 Entrepreneur Visa

If you are a US citizen who already has your own business or you are someone who actively invests in other companies, then it is recommended that you take advantage of the D2 Business and Entrepreneur residence visa. This visa enables non-EU entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent service providers to establish residency in Portugal. 

Under this visa, the applicant is required to invest at least €50,000 in a company’s share capital. The more your investment, the more your chances of obtaining this visa. Additionally, you are required to prove that you have the financial ability to sustain yourself in Portugal. 

Highly Qualified Activities (HQA) Residence Visa

This visa aims to fast-track the inflow of highly qualified professionals into Portugal. Here, priority is given to professionals to drive research & development in Portugal through collaboration with recognized institutions. This visa is a good alternative to Golden Visa due to its lower investment requirements. The investment requirement is €175,000, and the investment needs to be actively managed by the applicant to build their business in Portugal.

Comparison between Schengen, D7 and golden visa

The following comparisons between the different types of Portuguese visas can help applicants make the correct choice while moving to Portugal:

Schengen visa. This applies to applicants who want to enter Portugal for a short period, such as visiting family or short-term business or tourism. Since Portugal is part of the Schengen area, getting this visa allows you to travel to other countries. 

D7 Visa. This visa is issued to financially independent individuals and is only applicable to foreign investors from non-EU countries. Equally, a resident must be able to spend 183 days or more in a year in Portugal.

For an applicant to qualify for this visa, they have to prove a passive income of at least €760 per month or be able to buy or rent residential properties in Portugal.

Golden Visa. Portugal golden visa is given to investors who buy property for restoration or new real estate for €350,000 and €500,000, respectively. These investors can later sell the asset and return the money in 5 years.

It is not mandatory for investors to live in Portugal under the Portugal golden visa. However, they maintain residence status by living for at least 7 days a year in Portugal. 

Steps for residency application upon arrival to Portugal

Steps for residency application upon arrival to Portugal

Upon arrival in Portugal, the applicant will make an online application for residence.

The applicant will then apply personally at any SEF’s directorate or regional delegation, which will later be forwarded to the director of the regional delegation of the applicant’s area of residence after proceedings and decision. 

There are some necessary documents which will be required, and they include: –

  • Two recent coloured photographs in the blank background
  • Valid residence Visa
  • Passport or any other travel document
  • Evidence of adequate accommodation
  • Permission for SEF to investigate criminal records
  • Evidence of means of subsistence.
  • Evidence of Tax Authority registration.
  • Documents that prove registration with Social Security.
  • Evidence of health insurance or that the applicant is covered under the National Health Service.
  • Evidence of existing family relationships, if any.

Portugal’s immigration and border service called the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF) in Portugal, is mainly responsible for carrying out the visa application process.

Online applications have also been allowed by the Portuguese government since 2020. Further, from 2020, the residence permit can get renewed automatically, making the process even more convenient for visitors.

Duties of a US national who holds a residency permit in Portugal

There are several rights and duties attached to an individual who has obtained a residency permit in Portugal. Implicitly, they are entitled to education and gain professional guidance and improvement, take up remunerated employment, health care access, access to law and justice, family remuneration, and self-employment activities. Further, they have the right to receive equal treatment in social security, recognition of diplomas, participation in unions, and access to the goods and services available to the general public. 

However, at the same time, there are a set of duties expected to be followed by them:

  • Inform the authorities of any change in their civil status or place of residence, which must be done within 60 days following such a change. 
  • Notify the Foreigners and Border Service about their intention to leave the country during the validity period of the residency permit, provided that the leave period is longer than 6 consecutive months or 8 non-sequential months. This notification must be sent to them before you leave the country. 
  • Any long-term residency permit holder cannot be absent from the EU territory for more than 12 months or from Portugal for 6 consecutive years. Doing so shall result in losing your residency permit. 
  • US students with residency permits for study purposes must inform the Foreigners and Border Service if they wish to undertake any remunerated or independent professional activity. Here, they are required to submit the employment agreement at the beginning of their activity, along with registering with the tax authorities for social security contributions. 
  • US nationals holding temporary residence permits are required to apply for the renewal of their permit within 30 days prior to the end date of the validity period. 

Additionally, US nationals are expected to respect public order, public security, and health and not engage in activities that could lead to imprisonment. 

Becoming a Permanent resident or a citizen in Portugal

You can apply for a permanent residence permit in Portugal after having your temporary residence for five years. This helps you obtain European citizenship as well.

The permanent residence permit would cost you about $240, and the following documents would be required to be submitted:

  • Passport
  • A standard application form
  • 2 identical coloured photographs with a white background
  • Valid temporary residence
  • Evidence of having sufficient means of subsistence
  • Evidence of proper accommodation
  • SEF permission to get your criminal record checked in Portugal
  • Confirmation of having a basic grasp of the Portuguese language. There are various alternatives that may be submitted to satisfy this requirement:
    • An officially recognized teaching establishment certificate
    • Completing language studies and getting a certificate issued by a teaching establishment
    • Completing elementary Portuguese studies and getting a certificate issued by the Institute for Employment and Professional Training(IEFP)
    • Certificate of education in essential Portuguese such as Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language (CAPLE), as recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science

The manner in which you wish to complete the language requirement is your personal choice since all options are equally viable.

While finalising on which country to immigrate, checking all the options is important. Check out one of the options to immigrate to norway

Benefits of having a Permanent residence in Portugal

Through permanent residence in Portugal and becoming a Portuguese citizen, you get the advantage of gaining access to social security, healthcare, and education in Portugal, in line with European standards, considering the benefit of being an EU citizen.

American retirees can particularly benefit from the social security benefits of the country, and it is also possible for permanent residents to travel freely around the Schengen area.

Is it possible for American ex-pats in Portugal to obtain Portuguese citizenship?

Yes. Both Portugal and USA allow dual citizenship. Therefore, once you fulfil the requirements of permanent residency, as mentioned above, you can earn Portuguese citizenship.

This also means that you become a European citizen, and hence, you can take advantage of the healthcare system of the country.

Opening a Bank Account in Portugal as a US citizen

The process is quite easy for this. If you are an American, having the intention to move to Portugal, you first require a NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) number in Portugal. This is a tax number provided to every citizen or resident of Portugal.

Afterwards, you must choose one of the banks allowing Americans to open a bank account in Portugal. Considering the high regulations enforced by the IRS, which complies with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), some banks can refrain from accepting US citizens as their clients. Therefore, you need to complete your study on the matter beforehand.

Taxes for American ex-pats in Portugal

To pay taxes, the Americans moving to Portugal must distinguish between their American and Portugal earnings. Therefore, the taxes on earnings from America need to be paid in America, and taxes on earnings from Portugal, need to be paid in Portugal. American ex-pats living in Portugal are expected to file tax returns in both countries.

Americans moving to Portugal must remember that according to US law, all US citizens, irrespective of where they live, are expected to disclose their worldwide earnings to the IRS.

However, please complete your knowledge about the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion before paying taxes in America since you might be eligible to get tax exclusions through this scheme.

The Americans moving to Portugal can also try discovering Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) program in Portugal. If you sign up for the NHR program, you might be eligible to be exempt from certain taxes, and you would only be eligible to pay a flat rate of 20% on some taxes for a 10-year duration.

Customs and Shipping

Before entering Portugal, you should know a few things about Portuguese law and government requirements, such as shipping charges, storage options, etc. 


If you plan to move to Portugal from the USA, you should ask for a Certificado de Bagagem (Luggage Certificate) from your local Portuguese consulate. You can obtain this certificate by submitting your luggage details and household goods when you move to Portugal.

Your baggage should arrive only after 90 days once you reach Portugal. The process becomes easier through the involvement of a local Portuguese consulate, considering they are more aware of the procedure and requirements.


Air and sea freight are the two options to shift your goods to Portugal. Sea freight will be cheaper for larger quantities of goods, but it will take time to reach Portugal, whereas Air freight will take only three to four business days to ship your goods.

The choice between air and sea freight depends on various factors, including the type of goods and the expenditure you wish to engage in.

To learn more about shipping and its methods, one of the most fundamental ways to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances is insurance. Different shipping insurance types are available in the market to safeguard yourself from any loss suffered during the shipping or transit.


A primary concern ex-pats face while immigrating to Portugal is related to Pets. Portugal is a welcoming country, especially to pets. The only requirement for pets is that they should have been vaccinated. If you are carrying a dangerous pet, you should sign a liability clause and get a permit from your local veteran.

Driving License

After obtaining a residence permit in Portugal, you are given 90 days to change your driver’s license to Portuguese. Notarizing an Apostille Seal, an Abstract of a Driving Record from the last US state of residence permit, is advised to ease the process in Portugal.

This document is expected to certify that you have an authentic driver’s license, which is valid. This document should have details about the date of issuance, license class, and any suspension or revocations (if applicable). This document eases your license procedure in Portugal to a great extent.

The Job Market in Portugal

Portugal has been one of the steadiest-growing economies. Due to this exponential growth, Lisbon has become a strong international competitor for technology and start-up countries.

Therefore, professionals interested in building online and IT business professionals can find a suitable career in Lisbon. Other sectors would require knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Average salaries and minimum wages

The Portuguese minimum wage is $752, and you do not have to pay tax on this minimum wage in Portugal. However, once you earn more than $780/month, income tax is applied to your wage.

The average salary in Portugal ranges between $1200 – $2000.

Renting and Buying a Home in Portugal

Finding the appropriate housing and living in Portugal can be quite a task, considering the absence of affordable options and skyrocketing prices. This becomes especially strainful at an average Portuguese salary. However, there are options of short-term rentals, or even common apartments, that might be a better option to consider. 

When renting apartments in Portugal, the average housing costs around 1,100 EUR (1,200 USD) in rent per month. This is a significant increase from the previous year’s costs of 800 EUR (880 USD).

While prices also depend on the location and type of housing you are considering, households closer to the coast are expected to be more expensive compared to the inland east side of the country. 

The most expensive districts of Portugal are Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Beja, and Setúbal. On the other hand, the minimum house rent may be found in the district of Guardo. The average price is less than 350 EUR (385 USD), making it an ideal choice for a residence, excluding the other factors. 

You only require your valid ID, passport, and last pay stubs or tax return to sign a rental contract in Portugal. In the absence of a tax return, you may be asked to get a guarantor.

The same documents would be expected from the guarantor as well. As a tenant, even you are eligible to request the following documents from your landlord:

  • caderneta predial (land register)
  • licença de habitação (habitation certificate, a license that guarantees the building can be inhabited)
  • energy certificate

Pros and Cons to keep in mind to Move to Portugal

Americans moving to Portugal can experience a lot of pros and cons, and the same are explored below; –


Affordable cost of living

Portugal offers an affordable cost of living in western Europe, which is more favourable to experts and digital nomads than many other western European countries. This is one of the aspects that makes low-cost Portugal an attractive country to move to and live in. 

Warm climate

Portugal has a considerably warmer climate, with the warmest month being August. On Average, the country is often sunny, especially in July, August and September.

The country also has warm winters as it rarely snows, and the snow will melt very fast when it snows.  

Safety and low crime rate

The country was ranked 3rd among the safest countries in the world, with the lowest criminal record in 2020. The crime rates are also considerably low as opposed to other European countries.

Entertainment and recreation

The country has many places and activities to explore, from swimming in the Atlantic ocean to mountain ranges and castle visits, fishing, surfing and diving. Due to its resorts, attractions and beaches, Portugal won 26 world travel awards.

Attractive tax

The tax policies of the country are favourable, and this makes the country a desirable destination, especially for experts, self-employed individuals and investors.

For example, experts living in Portugal after 183 days of residency can take advantage of the Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax system, which offers several benefits, such as tax exemption on most foreign source income and a 20% flat rate for specific incomes. 


The country offers a variety of lifestyles and landscapes, along with a very diverse culture among Portuguese citizens.

For example, numerous national parks and winter skiing slopes coupled with cool weather in the northern part of the country, and the country has influences from Celtic, Viking, Moorish, Lusitanian, Sephardic Jewish, Phoenician, Germanic, and Visigoth cultures.


The Portuguese healthcare system has a public and private system and is made available to those within the age range of 18-65 years. The public healthcare system is not entirely free, but it is cheap.

However, you could not access it if you were a temporary resident of Portugal. Therefore, Portugal free healthcare advantage is only available to permanent residents and citizens.

For temporary residents, you would have to sign up for private health insurance with valid temporary residence permit evidence until you gain access to the permanent residence permit. Portuguese residency can be achieved once the five-year residency mark has been fulfilled by the Portuguese resident.

Thankfully, Portugal offers affordable private health insurance, wherein a basic plan costs you about $440 a year, making it a low-cost investment.

Excellent Work-life balance

Portugal is boasted of as a competitive economy, especially due to its tourism and real estate sectors, which are considered to be the strongest among all European countries.

Over 72% of the American ex-pats have rated the work-life balance to be excellent in the country, making moving to Portugal an ideal decision for professionals.


Bureaucracy and life pace

Most things can take a long time, especially paperwork; for example, a driving license application, issuance, or office appointments can take a long time. But, generally, life can be quite relaxed. 

Use of cash

Payments in some countries don’t use bank cards; besides, not every place accepts MasterCards and Visas.

Need to learn Portuguese

Most people working in government offices are more familiar with Portuguese than English. Thus, this can make getting services in government offices difficult if you do not know Portuguese.

Best places for Americans to live in Portugal

There are three main Portuguese cities that Americans usually prefer to live in Portugal. These are:

  1. Lisbon. Being the capital of Portugal and the largest city of Portugal, developed infrastructure, nightlife, and transport accessibility are the biggest advantages of the capital. USA lisbon travel has been one of the most sought-after destinations, and the USA Lisbon travel can be conducted within $2,993.41.
  2. However, the city might seem small, considering that the city is not a metropolis, and about half a million people live there. The city has a beautiful combination of proximity to nature, leisure, and work, making it a popular destination for digital nomads. 
  3. Porto. It is the second largest city in Portugal and is often at the centre of the cultural life of Portugal. Located in the valley of Douro River, the city is famous, especially due to the origination of Port wine in the jurisdiction. Restaurants, cafes, and wines are the main attractions of the city, making it an attractive destination for Americans. 
  4. The Algarve. This is the southern region of Portugal. The world-famous golden beaches, the most developed infrastructure, and the best marinas make it an ideal tourist attraction. The city has the blue flag beaches, known for their cleanest waters and best recreation conditions. 

Apart from these, the USA Figueira Da Foz has been another popular destination for many, considering the extensive beaches that the city incorporates. The summer season can be a good time to move to Portugal.


Moving to a different country can be difficult, but living in Portugal is a welcoming country that will make you feel at home. 

Immigration to Portugal from the USA has become more popular due to its economic stability, high quality of life, and growing job prospects. Also, getting a permanent visa residence is not a big hurdle if you are a law-abiding citizen.

Legamart offers the best solution for your issues in immigration to the USA or from the USA or your Visa application. They have a network of excellent lawyers who can help you get started and provide professional guidance on Portugal immigration. 

Legamart offers various services, such as quick meetings with lawyers to discuss legal problems or obtain advice on business transactions or any other legal matter. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose from a dozen lawyers in the LegaMart directory offered by Legamart.

Frequently asked questions

What is the process for obtaining a Portuguese Residence Visa?

You must first visit the Portugal embassy to submit your documents. Then you have to submit an online application for the selected visa category.

After submitting an online application, you have to make an application to the SEF. Obtain the final approval, and you will receive your Residence Visa.

What is the best way for a non-EU national to migrate to Portugal?

The best way for a non-EU national to migrate to Portugal is to apply for a D7 Visa or a Golden Visa scheme. These Visas have a minimum requirement of staying in Portugal, which makes it the best option for migrating to Portugal.

How long does a Portugal visa take to be approved?

Usually, it takes about 15 to 20 days to get a Short Stay Visa. But it will take over three months to receive a D7 or Golden Visa.

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