Trademark Business Name in the UK, Why?

Trademark Business Name in the UK; Reasons and Benefits

Business Name as a Trademark A business name is simply a company’s officially registered name, whereas trademarking a name means a way to legally protect the business name and prevents the business name from being used by the other competitors in the market.  When you start a business for the first time, it’s essential to know why you need to register your business name and how to protect your business name. The Right ...

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What is Intellectual property law in the UAE

What Exactly Is Intellectual Property Law in the UAE?

Intellectual Property Law Definition The UAE has an effective IP system and is a signatory to a range of transnational treaties on the recognition and enforcement of intellectual property rights, such as the Paris Convention covering patents and trademarks, Patent Cooperation Treaty for patents, the WIPO Convention and the TRIPS, the Gulf Cooperation Council for trademarks to name a few. Registration of intellectual property rights allows you to monetize and protect ...

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Register a Trademark in Italy; Benefits and Procedures

Trademark Registration in Italy; Remarkable Benefits

Trademark Registration in Italy Some of the generic words we use every day are trademarks. Take "YOLO" for example. It was trademarked by a restaurant in 2008!  What Is a Trademark?  A trademark refers to a word, phrase, logo, or any, and recognizable symbol that is used to distinguish one manufacturer's goods and/or services from those of other producers. Some of the generic words we use every day are actually trademarks.  The ownership ...

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