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More About Our First Product: Legal Mentorship

Universities worldwide are training an enormous crowd of legal specialists to take over domestic and international legal jobs. In the United States, the number of first-year law students entering law schools each year is more than 40,000 and increasing. However, academic training is insufficient to assure a perfect career despite being a crucial requirement for success in a legal professional environment, where mentoring shows off as the ultimate solution. 

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There are multiple reasons why junior lawyers should seek Legal mentorship. 

“My mentor helped me how to find job opportunities through meeting new people and presenting myself and my skills at job interviews. Thanks to my mentor, now I am working in my favorite law firm.” 

The most important advantages of having a mentor in academic or professional paths are as follows:

Facilitate thinking: consulting with an expert gives a better view of the current situation and future expectations. A mentor has already done what the mentee is trying to do; as a result, they can encourage the mentee to determine life goals and set priorities to make a practical plan out of disordered ideas.

Accelerate self-development: setting goals and priorities brings self-awareness, which works as an accelerator to enhance skills and capabilities.

Expand knowledge: There are always people with more experience and better accomplishments. Using mentors’ wisdom, we introduce mentees to new fields of work, different skills, and various points of view.

Raise professional self-confidence: Legal mentorship provides expert guidance and broadens trainees’ perspectives through external opinion. The support and inspiration from the relationship with a mentor and an incredible amount of practical knowledge assure mentees of their professional performance.

Create a more extensive network: Along with mentors who are commonly leading experts in their specialty, mentorship programs allow mentees to meet and connect with many other professionals in the same area. 

Reach a better work-life balance: Using the guidance of a mentor help mentees to their tasks more effectively and efficiently. Since the mentor’s support fastens the work, it enables mentees to balance their career and everyday life better.

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Do you have any legal issue?

We proudly announce our first product, legal mentorship sessions, with our esteemed colleague, Sanaz Javadi Farahzadi. After completing the mentorship sessions, you will receive a certificate from LegaMart

You may read about this unique product here: Legamart Talents, or contact us at

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