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7 Best Farsi Speaking Lawyers in the United Arab Emirates

Situated in the Persian Gulf and consisting of 6 individual Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, UAE is one of the most thriving economies in the MENA. Home to one of the leading international and cultural hubs in the Middle East, Dubai, UAE plays an undoubtedly significant role in the region as the second-largest Arab economy after Saudi Arabia.

From tourism to oil and gas, there are many lucrative opportunities for investment and business in this country. UAE offers an array of limitless opportunities for growth to people from all around the world. Therefore, many Iranians choose UAE as a destination for safe and sound business ventures and also as a second home to build a life in. We will take a brief look at the UAE’s legal market in this piece and introduce to you some of the top 7 best farsi speaking lawyers in the United Arab Emirates active in this market.

The legal market in the UAE is constantly moving and transforming. With the fluctuations in the oil and gas price, Golf Corporate Council countries have come up with innovative and ambitious plans to further diversify their sources of income, thus creating an array of opportunities for the legal market in various fields. The crown jewel of the UAE, Dubai, is home to many international law firms. The UAE is a key market for English law firms. After the UK and Hong Kong, UAE has the highest number of English and Welsh Practicing solicitors.

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Some of the most in-demand practice areas in the UAE are, Real Estate, Construction, Corporate, Banking and Finance, Debt Capital Market, Commercial/Intellectual Property, and Financial Services Regulatory. 

Many international lawyers aspire to work in the UAE due to the wealth of opportunities available and how dynamic the market is.

The UAE has an essentially civil law jurisdiction that is greatly influenced by French, Roman, Egyptian, and Islamic law. There are two categories of lawyers in Dubai; First legal consultants who offer legal opinions and advice, register and liquidate companies, draft contracts and represent clients at arbitration tribunals. 

The second group of lawyers, Advocates, can offer the same services as legal consultants and represent clients before Dubai courts, judicial authorities, security departments, and conciliation tribunals. It should be pointed out that UAE courts put great emphasis on written advocacy.

Economically, Even though UAE, Like the rest of the world witnessed a decrease in its GDP growth rate mainly due to the outcomes of Covid 19, it is expected to reach a 2.5% growth rate in 2022, supported by the government’s mitigation and recovery plans, higher oil prices and production capacity, improved business sentiment and a boost from Dubai Expo2021, as reported by the World Bank. This economic growth ought to bring even more changes in the legal market of the UAE.

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Farsi Speaking Lawyers in the UAE

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In this section, we will take a look at some of the most prominent Iranian lawyers or law firms in the UAE. It is worth mentioning that the majority of these layers are based in Dubai.

Shahram Safai

He is an Iranian lawyer in Dubai with 20 years of experience. Sharam advises clients on real estate, construction law, and related litigation/ arbitration. He has extensive experience advising on the sale and purchase transactions, hotel management structuring and transactions, leasing, jointly owned property strategies, and documentation, as well as joint ventures and shareholder transactions. 

Karam Ali Bahrami

He is a legal counsel in the UAE, Member of the House of Representatives of the Supreme Council of Al-Mohammed al-Arabi. He is a Former Judge of the Iranian Judiciary and an official member of the International Bar Association and Lawyers. Services offered by his group cover a vast variety of categories such as family law, real estate law, Legal regulation of partnerships and commercial contracts, and so on. 

Lutfi & Co

Lutfi & Co is a leading law firm located in Dubai. Their areas of practice include but are not limited to arbitration, banking, and finance, construction, and property, corporate and commercial, employment and labor, insurance.

Babak Hojat

He has over 14-years of experience at an Immigration Law Firm and has extensive experience with issues as they relate to the firm’s Middle East clientele. Mr. Hojjat specializes in Investment Visa Category.

Some of the other qualified lawyers and legal advisors practicing in UAE who are not necessarily Iranian are listed below, If you ever needed one:

Ayham Othman

Ayham A. Othman is currently the Corporate Dep. Director and the Co-Managing Partner of Clout Legal Consultancy Firm in the United Arab Emirates. Ayham has brought to the firm’s practice over 14 years of experience in corporate and commercial legal matters, civil and commercial litigation, in addition to his negotiation and mediation recognized skills. His pragmatic and results-driven approach has made him a trusted advisor to both national and regional corporations as well as many prominent members of the UAE and Jordan business landscapes.

He currently represents large and mid-sized corporations with a specialization in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, agency, hospitality, media, real estate, pharmaceutical and health care. His experience has allowed him to assist and safeguard such companies in their commercial transactions, commercial disputes, insolvency, liquidation, compensation for damages, financial claims and general corporate and commercial matters.

Eslam Ammar

Mr. Eslam Ammar is the legal manager for Manar Al Khaleej international holding group for (construction, real estate, scaffolding,  manufacturing, transportation,…etc) in UAE. He is the founder of Eslam Ammar Law Firm in Egypt, partner of two law firms in the UAE. He has been an arbitrator in employment/labor disputes at Mohre, an experienced legal advisor with 12 years of experience. He has been working in different fields of law as a legal manager for many corporations and has a strong knowledge of the law. His master’s degree in Business and Commercial Law. 

He speaks Arabic and English.

What Should You Take into Account When Looking for an Iranian Lawyer in the UAE?

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Just like when looking for Iranian lawyers from any other jurisdiction, you must take into account:

  • First the language skills of the potential lawyer. Fluency in both spoken and written Persian and Arabic is a must. 
  • The second factor that should be considered is the lawyer’s level of familiarity with and grasp of the laws and regulations of the UAE. You must take into consideration that in Dubai, only Dubai nationals can appear in court, foreign lawyers, including Iranian lawyers who don’t have UAE nationality, can practice local law. A lawyer who’s a national of one of the other Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries can in certain circumstances get a license to practice and appear in the Dubai courts. Practicing lawyers must be licensed to practice law in the federal courts by the Ministry of Justice and by the Emiri Diwan in the other Emirates. 
  • Last but certainly not least you must have in mind how much work experience a lawyer has in their field of practice.

These are the important factor that you must be aware of and consider before choosing a lawyer in the UAE.  

To Be Concluded

At the moment, the growing market of UAE is attracting a number of investors all around the world to establish a safe and profitable business. You as an entrepreneur, business investor, or simply a sole investor looking for residency in UAE, don’t forget to benefit from the consultation of a trusted lawyer and keep in mind those three factors we mentioned earlier. You can reach out to the approved lawyers we mentioned and if you didn’t find your desired one, meet your requirements, take a shot with Legamart’s lawyer search engine and find the best lawyer matching your needs.

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