Content Strategy for a Lawyer | How to Increase Your Online Presence?
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Content Strategy for a Lawyer: How to Increase Your Online Presence by Content Marketing

 In the digital era, being a good lawyer is not enough. You are also expected to have an online presence. You have many competitors in your jurisdiction and area of expertise. Have you ever asked yourself who wants to hire an attorney who does not have authority in the legal sector? In the previous article published on the LagaMart blog, it was explained why personal branding is essential for lawyers. Content Strategy for a Lawyer is like a map to receiving gems. If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that we, as lawyers who are living in the digital information age, need to be seen and expand our networks. So, let’s get started!

Is Content Marketing Necessary for Lawyers?

By crafting a personal brand, you want to enhance your career and get paid for your legal expertise. Now you should know the effective ways which lead to improving your online presence in the modern online environment. First, let’s answer an important question: What do clients do when they want to learn more about you as a lawyer? It is quite simple. They google you.

Indeed, content can be considered as a tool that helps drive potential clients to the center of your content marketing strategy. In the present time, the majority of successful lawyers and top tier law firms prefer to focus on content marketing instead of spending a lot of money on designing brochures to expose themselves within the legal community. Hence, you need a content marketing plan in order to create attention-grabbing content. Moreover, video marketing is an effective channel for today’s law practices. You have many options like webinars, podcasts, and videos. Lights, camera, action! Let others know more about you.

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How to Stay Top-Of-Mind by the Content Strategy?

Content marketing is important for lawyers

You should try to get the right eyes on what you are discussing if you want to generate awareness for your firm or demonstrate your skills as a solo lawyer. Yet, you should choose a content which is easier for clients to digest if you want to attract the right audience. You might ask yourself what kind of topic you should write about. There are some factors which should be taken into consideration when writing an article:

  • Focus on the main questions the potential clients ask during their initial consultations
  • Identify your target audience
  • Work on your main practice area and pay attention to major trends, important events, and fresh ideas
  • Keep in mind that the content should be adding value and easy to digest
  • Share free legal knowledge to establish credibility as a skillful lawyer

Accordingly, you want other users to engage with your content by a long term content strategy. Ultimately, you want the readers to go to your contact page and fill out a form to request a phone call. Considering your goal, try to attract your potential clients by using what you write. For instance, if you are Family Law and Divorce lawyer in Italy and you want to attract more clients by utilizing the right content marketing, you should showcase your accomplishment and successful cases. Also, you should start by asking your current clients about their ambiguities and questions in relation to Family Law and Divorce procedure. This will give you a fresh start in determining the best content to prioritize.

Should I Create My Own Website or Weblog?

Keep in mind that creating content is just half of the battle. Needless to say, you can have many marketing channels like blogs, websites, micro-sites, newsletters, and social media. You should spend a higher percentage of marketing budgets on content marketing. The bad news is that your digital presence will not be established overnight since this process is time-consuming. You should generate enough website traffic, measure its effectiveness by web metrics, and improve your search engine ranking; your website should be optimized for user experience, etc. It takes time!

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Content distribution is a tricky step. If you do not have a comprehensive content strategy as a lawyer, digital presence and marketing can be a challenge for you. Many lawyers still don’t generate the results they had hoped for. But the good news is that LegaMart can bring your content to the potential clients and show you to the legal community. Your ideas will attract more ears with us! Also, you can follow our page on Linkedin to be updated with the latest article and issues. 

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