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What is LegaMart?

LegaMart (view website) is an online platform with the mission of easing access and building trust in the legal sector for all global and multi-jurisdictional cases.

LegaMart offers online and direct interactions between lawyers and clients from multiple jurisdictions.

As a multijurisdictional global platform, LegaMart’s cutting-edge technology powers two groups: 

  • LegaMart’s vetted, global network of attorneys at firms of all sizes (or independent attorneys/lawyers) from more than 120 countries all around the world;
  • Clients, from Entrepreneurs and Foreign investors, International Traders, Immigrants, Diaspora to any ordinary person facing a legal issue at work or in routine life which needs to be dealt by a lawyer from/in another jurisdiction.

Our clients include mostly entrepreneurs and SMEs who use our platform to reduce the cost of legal services by 65% and the time it takes to engage an attorney by 85%.

  1. Access to foreign legal services: 

The core value of LegaMart is providing access to professional service providers around the globe. Identifying and contacting professional service providers abroad can be difficult, and it gets even more complicated and time-consuming with different languages, weak listing websites, outdated profiles, and other relevant issues.LegaMart eases Access by

  • Making a list of competent legal service providers in foreign jurisdictions
  • Creating a professional profile for service providers and making them more accessible to clients
  • Facilitating the process of getting price quotes from service providers
  • Ensuring a good fit by offering clients free consultations with service providers

Inter-jurisdictional Trust building:

To ensure smooth collaboration between service providers and clients, LegaMart builds trust between different jurisdictions. As part of building trust, it is important to provide clients with enough information to make wise decisions, including safe payments. LegaMart builds Trust by

  • Making sure a professional and ethical manner is followed by all lawyers active on the platform 
  • Getting enough information about clients’ preferred lawyers and making a decision based on factual information. 
  • Offering a guarantee of safe transactions and money
  • Developing great customer support which handles any upcoming problems

Note: LegaMart service fee is %18.5 and only when a transaction is complete and you get paid by a client.

LegaMart Solutions

Quick online Meeting

While clients are not sure about hiring a lawyer or want to know about the chance of winning the case, they can get short and efficient advice on how to proceed with the case.


After choosing the area of practice of their preferred lawyer, country, language and the category they are in search of a lawyer within, they request a proposal, and our lawyers who fit the case, offer their proposals to continue to the next step.

Case Review

No-hassle Contract Review Under 48 Hours! Clients have their cases or contracts reviewed by a legal expert in under 48 hours and find a clear path forward. They tell us about the case and upload any other paperwork they’ve got through LegaMart’s panel. We process the documents in 24 hours. Our experts will analyze clients’ docs and find the solution that’s right for them. The result will be either with an initial report or with a consult session. Anyway, they’ll get a clear path forward for their case.

Fixed price packages 

Fixed-price services provide certainty, as both sides have a solid understanding of the price and the services to be delivered. With this certainty of costs and responsibilities both parties have less conflict and avoid any unwanted situation. No need to add that by providing these packages LAWYERS have the chance to get more advocacy or advisory cases referring to them. Obviously, any extra or unforeseen cases such as advocacy or advisory are not included with the fixed price packages. 
They can be offered separately to the applicant or the clients. we have developed more than ten fixed-price packages with a detailed scope of service including the range of prices. Please review the services and pick one or all of them if you can offer such a service within the proposed price range.

Offered services in our fixed-price packages: 

Fixed-price packages

Price start from 

Asset Purchase Agreement 

£ 800 to 1000+VAT

Influencer Agreement

£500+ VAT    

 Franchising Agreement

£800 to1000+VA

Franchise Agreement Review

£400 +VAT 

Shareholders’ Agreement

£2,000 +VAT   

GDPR Compliance Review


GDPR Documents Package:


GDPR Rescue Package


UK Trademark


EU Trademark


International TradeMark 


WIPO (International) Trademark


IP Strategy Health Check


Divorce packages  


Personalized terms and conditions   


joint venture Agreement

£1,200 +VAT

Brexit packages

£199 to 499+VAT

Licensing Agreement


Debt Recovery

£160 to 990+VAT

Company formation 


Investors agreement

£235 +VAT

Non- Disclosure agreement

£235 +VAT

Service contract            

£520 +VAT

Import/Export Agreement


If you can provide any services from above, please let us know.

Translation Service

All kinds of translation are offered to clients:        

  • Official (Ones certified by our trusted translators.)
  • Unofficial (Receive the equivalent text in the language of your choice.) 
  • Notarized (Ones that are affirmed by governmental authorities.)

    LegaMart’s supported notary authorities are NAJIT and NATTI. Legamart’s highly skilled translators from around the globe will help clients legally translate all their needed documents at a reasonable price. Our platform is connected to the best translation agencies that specialize in legal translation. No matter the subject, content, or project type, we’ll handle it all.

Why Do Lawyers Prefer LegaMart?

BecauseLegaMart is

  • Direct access to international clients
  • Global Promotion without being charged,
  • Insurance coverage by Hiscox company up to 1 million $,
  • A platform with translation facilities & smart tools to handle a case,
  • Marketing & brand-building via publishing legal articles globally at large,
  • Powerful content management system optimization (SEO) to your visibility,
  • The possibility of networking & team creation on sophisticated cases globally,
  • Secured, guaranteed & lightning-fast payments via structured payment policies.

And Empowers Lawyers to

  • Grow their digital footprint,
  • Establish an online presence, 
  • Gain lots of prospective clients,
  • Gain recognition on a global scale,
  • Choose their projects on their own,
  • Expose themselves to a new market,
  • Choose projects that best suit their expertise,
  • Have guaranteed views for their profile & content,
  • Grow their client network exactly while doing their routine,
  • Have the right to set their own prices & reject or accept a case,
  • Offer their expertise to an international community on LegaMart.


We invite Legal professionals, lawyers and law firms to join LegaMart here by completing an application and following the steps below. As the first step, you “sign up as a lawyer or legal expert or Lawfirm ” on LegaMart’s website. And You will be leading towards your lawyer’s profile completion.

Video. LegaMart Attorney Network Application

Lawyer’s onboarding process(Registration):

1-1- Continue as a lawyer

1-2- As the first step, you “sign up as a lawyer” on LegaMart’s website.

  • Unless you verify your email, you won’t go to the next step.
  1. You will be leading towards your lawyer’s profile completion.

    2-1- After you fill in your name and family name, you must specify your practice area, the jurisdiction you are certified, and professional status (as a bar licence holder, please fill in this part with the latest professional status as a lawyer, advocate, attorney at law, etc you earned.).

2-2- Fill in your legal professional information

  • Username:
  •    Your username must not be written in uppercase letters(Even the first letter)
  • Any space or sign won’t be accepted in making the username. 
  • Field of Practices: (Up to 3 fields)
  • Jurisdiction: (Up to 3 fields) Where you are licenced in
  • “Country” is far different from “Jurisdiction”. Your country is where you may live now but “your jurisdiction” is where you are allowed to work as a lawyer. Your “Bar license” tells you what your jurisdiction is!
  • Some countries allow you to work there as a lawyer with some other special countries’ bae licenses. (Some Arabic countries)
  • Legal Status Verification: 
  •   You can put the URL of your bar or jurisdiction or any other source which can verify your legal status as a lawyer or practitioner.
  • Professional Status:
  • Years of Experiences:
  • About me:

The following are sample profile bios that you can copy and adapt for your LegaMart profile. These are suggestions only — please feel free to write your own or adapt the samples to suit your practice:

Sample Profile 1 (Commercial)

(Name) is a cross-jurisdiction and cross-cultural lawyer. He is originally admitted to the Bar of (City) and works in (Country),(country),(country). He is the managing partner of the (Name) firm (Possible site’s link), headquartered in (country), with offices in (country). He assists clients primarily in dealing with (category) law, foreign direct investments, asset protection, trusts, and international tax matters, in a multiplicity of industries, including AI, AR, blockchains, digital medicine and IoT. His firm’s track record includes assisting over 60 blockchain-related projects in two years. He served as vice chairman of the (name of association) and holds various board positions, also in charitable organisations, including being the independent general counsel of (name) and ….

Sample Profile 2 (Family)

Founder and partner of the (Name) Law Office. Member of the Bar Association of (Country). 25 years of experience with domestic and foreign clients in the field of Real estate law, Contract law, Company and Comercial law, Court Litigation, Family law, Inheritance law, Mediation and Negotiation, Administrative law and Sports law Bat. Integrity, knowledge and trustworthiness are my greatest values. Soft in style, hard in substance.

Sample Profile 3 (Employment)

(Name), a graduate of Oxford University, is Head of Legal, (Country), for one of the world’s leading visual effects and animation companies for film and television. With twenty years of experience, he devoted the past 11 years of his life to handling creative media companies with his strategic and extensive legal knowledge. (Name) represents clients in (Country),(Country), (Country)  in intellectual property, contract, and media law matters. He is an Innovative and agile head of legal with particular experience in creative industries.

(Video. Improving Your LegaMart Profile)


  • Personal Bar Url:
  • Academic Information:
    A. Level
  • Degree
  • You can “Add more” and add also “LLM” and your Masters’ degree.
  • Certifications:
  • Social Links: (Optional)
    Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin
  • It would be nice to add your phone number as communicating with you would be much easier via phone.
  • Law Firm: (Optional)
  • Upload documents:
  • You MUST upload your Bar Licence scanned photo and certificates(If your bar license won’t agree with your jurisdiction, your application won’t be processed)
  • You don’t need to upload your CV. you can email that one.
  • Using the calendar, you will set the date and time of your availability as well as your price per hour.
  •  Set your availability 
  •  Set available days
  •  Set available times
  • You will sync your calendar with your LegaMart profile

You will Choose days and hours you can be available on the platform

 Set your pricing

As your request is being processed by LegaMart’s admin, you will need to set your pricing rate for each field of practice you selected. The currency of your price depends on the country you pick.

  • Set the price according to your own jurisdiction’s average rate. Like if your jurisdiction is “Iran”, you can’t set a price which is normal in Uk! Otherwise, clients won’t hire.
  • You will set the price for each practice area you have set on your profile.
  • The prices are on an hourly basis and based on GDP
  • Set Profile Picture
  • Lots of clients won’t meet you face to face and uploading a photo helps a lot in communication!


  • the vetting process begins here. Upon reviewing the documents, LegaMart’s legal department will interview the individual if necessary.
  1. Official Welcome to LegaMart Platform and introducing you to LegaMart Audiences 
  2. You are now an active lawyer on LegaMart and can match clients and receive cases.