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Cancellation Agreement


Contract cancellation is a common occurrence in the life of a contract. A contract may need to be terminated for various beneficial and detrimental reasons. Therefore, it is critical to include the possibility of termination in the contract so that all parties know their rights to terminate if necessary.

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What is a Cancellation Agreement?

A cancellation agreement is a contract termination agreement in which the parties legally cancel their contractual relationship. The Agreement specifies the parties, the reasons for cancellation, and how and when the cancellation occurs. All parties must sign the cancellation agreement to the original contract. Any obligations that survive the cancellation will be included in the Agreement, which may also include an optional mutual release of claims. 

There have been numerous cases of contract termination and contract cancellation being confused when both result in the termination of contract performance by both parties. However, contract termination and contract cancellation are not the same things, and the legal consequences will differ in each case. Making a clear distinction between them can help the subjects achieve the transaction’s goal while protecting their legitimate rights and interests. 

Contract cancellation can also be used as a reason for contract termination. However, the number of contracts that are terminated far outnumber those that are cancelled. In particular, the parties may agree to terminate a contract, or the contract may automatically terminate if they fulfil their obligations without breach or damage.

Meanwhile, most contract cancellations result from the parties’ breach of the contract. To learn more about the difference between cancellation and termination, get in touch with our lawyers. Our experienced lawyers at LegaMart can offer you comprehensive information in this regard.

Common Sections in Cancellation Agreements

A cancellation provision clause generally requires that whenever a party chooses to cancel the policy, that party sends written notice to the other party involved. For example, an insurance company is required to refund any prepaid premiums on a pro-rata basis. A cancellation provision clause in an insurance policy is a provision that allows an insurer to cancel a policy at any time before its expiration date.

Cancellation clauses require the party wishing to cancel the policy to provide written notice to the other party. The insurer must refund any premium difference if a policy is cancelled before expiration.

Termination by cause/convenience

A provision for termination for cause allows one party to terminate the contract and collect damages from the other party if the other party fails to fulfil their contractual obligations. They can allow their customer to terminate for cause because they failed to meet their obligations, but the customer can also seek penalties. Termination for convenience occurs when a party decides not to proceed with a transaction, although neither party is at fault. When this happens, the clause will explain how to calculate the amount owed by the cancelling party to the non-cancelling party and the limits that can be placed on that amount.

Contract should be duly authorized

Each party represents and warrants that it has not assigned, conveyed, or delegated any claim or right that it has or may have under the contract to any third party or person, in whole or in part. Each party represents that the execution and delivery of this Agreement is the party’s duly authorized and binding activity and that the party’s signatory hereto is duly authorized to execute this Agreement on the party’s behalf.

Time frame

Certain contracts can be set up to expire after a certain period. A contractor’s contract is an example of this, as it may be completed after the construction has ended. A fixed-term contract can have a set term and a provision for automatic renewal for subsequent terms unless one party notifies the other of their intention not to renew the contract.

Effect of cancellation on an agreement

Both parties expressly agree and acknowledge that entering into this Agreement does not constitute an admission of liability, obligation, or wrongdoing on the part of either party. Each party expressly disclaims any and all liability or wrongdoing in connection with the contract.

Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, the Parties acknowledge and agree that their respective rights and obligations under sections [cite applicable Contract provisions] will survive the termination of the contract in accordance with its terms and conditions. Any and all transactions completed by the Parties under the contract before the Termination Date shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be revoked or adversely affected as a result of the Contract’s or this Agreement’s termination.

All communications and their counterparts

All notices or other communications required under this Agreement must be in writing and must be received and made by either hand delivery, registered mail, certified mail, return receipt requested, or overnight mail, addressed to the party to be notified at the following address or to such other address as such party may specify by like notice hereunder: [address] Party A; [address] Party B. This Agreement may be executed in one or more counterparts, each of which will be deemed an original, but all of which will constitute the same instrument without the need for the others to be produced.

Cancellation agreements are necessary to protect yourself if you or your clients cancel an original service agreement. You want clear language in this contract about refunds, fee forfeiture, and confidentiality so that you and your clients understand what is being conducted and terminated by the cancellation. There are several other factors to consider, such as contributory negligence, confidentiality, jurisdiction, the mutual release of claims, representations, warranties, etc.

Cancellation Agreement Sample

The best way to cancel a contract is to write a contract cancellation letter, which provides documentation of your intent to cancel. A written cancellation protects you if you and the other party disagree about your intention to cancel. This letter should be delivered in person, by courier, or certified mail. You must provide proof that the other party received the cancellation letter within the contract’s time frame. Any of these delivery methods ensure that you have the necessary proof. What and how to include in the cancellation agreement is provided below. Your cancellation agreement must have the following:

  1. The contract’s expiration date;
  2. A contract number or another form of identification;
  3. A statement stating that you will no longer require the services provided after the date specified;
  4. The reason you are terminating your contract;
  5. A declaration that you will meet your obligations until the specified date and accept any outstanding products or services.

Furthermore, below is a sample provided, which you can follow while sending writing a cancellation agreement letter:

Your surname

Postal address


Recipient’s name

Recipient’s address

Contract cancellation” should be the subject of the letter.


I am hereby informing you that I am discontinuing/cancelling my contract (ABC), dated (1.1.2023), for (XYZ) products and services. Make a specific list of each product or service mentioned in the contract. This cancellation is effective as of the date specified.

Describe why you are cancelling the contract here.

I intend to fulfil my contractual obligations until the date effective. If the contract specifies outstanding products or services, state that you will accept them.

Please contact me at my phone number or email address if you have any questions.


Your signatures

Your name

Besides this, if you need any legal help regarding sending a cancellation agreement to the other party, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal.


Writing a cancellation agreement can be a time-consuming and draining process. It is recommended that you hire an attorney who can thoroughly investigate the nuisances in your local jurisdictions to determine the best possible outcome for the legal dispute. A cancellation agreement must be carefully drafted to balance the risks and provide a workable platform for both parties to adhere to.

It is critical to include terms that benefit both parties and to draft a document to prevent future litigation. A cancellation agreement ensures that the parties resolve their differences. So, it is recommended that you take legal assistance from lawyers when you are about to cancel an agreement. You can get in touch with our experienced lawyers at LegaMart if you are interested in cancelling an agreement. They will offer you comprehensive information about the procedure and assist you.

Besides the cancellation agreement. If you are further interested to know about five things to consider before negotiating insurance contracts, consult with our service providers or read it here. Their legal advice can help you in making a final decision.

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