Detailed Guide to Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada
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Detailed Guide to Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada


With an ever-expanding economy, Canada offers entrepreneurs or skilled workers the opportunities to start new businesses and fill critical roles. Turkey is a prime source country for new Canadian immigrants because of its population’s median age of 31.5 years and the high percentage of educated citizens.

To attract top talent from around the world, the Canadian government has established many ways for business immigration from Turkey to Canada that specifically target business people and skilled workers who can bring valuable skills to Canada. As a result, now is the perfect time for a Turkish passport holder and their family to begin their journey to Canada, and business immigration from Turkey to Canada has never been easier.

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Criteria for Turkish Immigration from Turkey to Canada

Age: The applicant must be 18 years of age or older to apply for immigration from Turkey to Canada, according to the most recent immigration regulations established by immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) for 2019. 

Educational Background: To encourage more people towards business immigration from Turkey to Canada and establish permanent residence there to support the country’s economic expansion, IRCC recently loosened the standards for educational background for immigration applications, and immigration from Turkey to Canada is much simpler. Turkish citizenship holders must also have prior professional experience that is appropriate.

Work Experience: The importance of a candidate’s work history in determining their likelihood of immigrating from Turkey to Canada is fundamental. Under the new regulations, applicants for immigration from Turkey to Canada must have at least a year of relevant job experience. In general, applicants should have at least three years of experience to increase their chances of being chosen for immigration from Turkey to Canada through the express entry system.

Language Abilities: Language skills are necessary for Turkish citizens moving to Canada since they have to compete with Canadian and Canadian passport holders. The official languages of Canada are English and French. However, compared to other anglophone countries, the English language proficiency required to migrate to Canada is lower. Additionally, a Turkish citizen fluent in English and French is at an advantage.

Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada: Ways to Immigrate

There are several ways to obtain Business immigration from Turkey to Canada, such as provincial entrepreneur immigration. To qualify for this program, a Turkish citizen must fulfill the following requirements:

  • They must intend to start or purchase a business in Canada.
  • Minimum of three years of recent business work experience.
  • A Turkish citizen should have personal savings between 600,000 and 1,500,000 CAD and invest between 200,000 and 1,000,000 CAD in a business.

A Turkish passport holder may apply for the start-up program, start a business, and immigrate from Turkey to Canada. Turkish nationals must meet Level 5 of the CLB, present a letter of support from the business investor, and have 13,213 CAD in personal finances to qualify for this program.

Another viable choice for Turkish nationals looking for business immigration from Turkey to Canada in the self-employed immigration program. To qualify for this program, the applicant must:

  • Be between the ages of 20 and 50.
  • Hold a diploma, and have two years of self-employed work experience or participation in a world-class cultural or athletic endeavor. 
  • Have 13,213 CAD in personal savings. The government of Canada does not provide financial support to business immigrants who pass the IELTS general exam with a score of 5.5.
A stamped visa for business Immigration from Turkey to Canada
Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada

What is the Best Way to Move to Canada from Turkey if you Already have a Business?

Check if the Turkish Business Qualifies for the Intra-Company Transferee Program

Not all business owners have the option to immigrate their operations from Turkey to Canada, and to do so, one must meet the following criteria:

  • A business operating in Turkey must be currently buying, selling, or offering services.
  • The Turkish citizen must have been in business for at least a year. The older the company is, the better.
  • A functioning business needs staff, and the business ought to have hired at least one person.
  • Although no minimum investment is required to run a business in Canada, the Turkish organization needs enough money to expand operations there. The business should have at least $100,000 to operate.
  • The business must be legally formed or registered in the nation of origin, i.e., Turkey, and have a complete tax payment history and a registered office.

The applicant(s) in this expansion must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Not everyone in the organization or business group is eligible for business immigration from Turkey to Canada and to work there. The company’s owner, executives, managers, and essential employees are all eligible to relocate and work in Canada.
  • Managers must demonstrate at least one year of work with their home company and administrative position over the previous three years. 
  • Executives must show at least one year of inclusion/work in the company over the previous three years.
  • Key individuals should exhibit proper training, industry knowledge, access to exclusive information, and at least a year of work experience with the home company.

Organizing the Business in Canada

Turkish passport holders can register the Canadian branch of the current business or form an entirely new connected Canadian corporation when Turkish citizens first establish their presence there. Following are the steps to be followed:

  • Select the province in Canada where the Turkish citizen wants to conduct business.
  • Most provinces mandate that the board of directors include at least one Canadian. 
  • The Canadian director(s) may be a nominee director or a full-fledged director who oversees the Canadian operations.
  • Turkish passport holders should get advice from their Canadian law firm on this matter if they don’t already have a Canadian Director in place.
  • Additionally, one must decide on the Canadian organization’s corporate structure. Consult a company attorney or an accountant for more information on selecting a business structure.

Obtain a Work Permit

  • Once the Turkish business is registered in Canada, and all other requirements are in order, submit an application for a work visa to allow applicants to work for their newly founded Canadian business.
  • The typical length of an initial work permit is one year. 
  • Children under 22 and the spouse/partner of the Turkish citizens are welcome to go with them to Canada.

Arrive in Canada and Start Working

The processing of the work visa application by Canadian authorities typically takes 1-4 months. A work visa will be issued to Turkish citizens if the application for a work permit is approved. 

Turkish citizens can extend their work permits for an additional 5-7 years. Nevertheless, this choice depends on the position one occupies within an organization.

One must prove the following to the Canadian immigration authorities after the first year of residence to extend the work permit:

  • The company is legit and currently provides products or services in Canada.
  • The rule does not state that the business must always be profitable.
  • Generally speaking, it is necessary to maintain the business operating and active.
  • The company should have a physical presence in Canada.
  • Virtual workstations and offices do not qualify under this program. 
  • At least one business employee should be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Submit a Residence Permit Request

Before one applies for permanent residence, the Turkish business must generally be “active,” which denotes the following:

  • The company has at least one Canadian employee who is separate from the Turkish passport holder and who is not a member of the family. 
  • The company is not a farce and actively sells goods or services to real clients. 
  •  The company has all licenses and permits required to operate in Canada.

As the manager of the Canadian company, Turkish citizens are eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency (PR) once it is operating. Turkish passport holders must adhere to the following requirements to be eligible to be a manager at the company:

  • A police clearance or any other official character certificate
  • At least a CLB 7 on the IELTS General Test
  •  A high school diploma
  • Medical fitness and the absence of any significant medical conditions

Other Canadian Visa Options For Turkish Immigrants

It’s crucial to consider which business immigration program from Turkey to Canada would be ideal for an individual and confirm that one meets all the eligibility requirements. Here are the routes we advise taking to obtain permanent residence via business immigration from Turkey to Canada.

Boarding pass of an immigrant immigrating to Canada
Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada

Option 1: Use the Start-up Visa Program to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residence

One of the best methods to establish oneself in Canada for creative and seasoned business people is to launch a company. Turkish passport holders can consider applying for Canada’s start-up visa program if they have a sound and original business idea that has the potential to succeed on a worldwide scale and generate employment for Canadian citizens.

Turkish citizens can start a business anywhere in Canada, except in Quebec, thanks to the start-up visa program, which, in contrast to other programs business immigration programs from Turkey to Canada, offers a straight route to permanent residence.

Option 2: Self-Employed Individuals

Turkish passport holders must possess one of these to be eligible:

  • Farm management experience, with the ability to acquire and manage a farm in Canada; or 
  • Experience that will significantly contribute to Canada’s cultural or sports life.

Option 3: Federal Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada

There are numerous federal business immigration programs created to fit the skills and experience of successful business people who want to immigrate from Turkey to Canada, in any province aside from Quebec, regardless of whether the applicants are self-employed, looking to grow, or start a business in Canada, or would like to use their personal net worth to help drive the Canadian economy.

Option 4: Obtain Employment with a Canadian Business and Apply for a Work Visa in Canada

Several critical jobs in Canada remain unfilled, necessitating continuous recruitment. The most straightforward and practical approach for a Turkish citizen to immigrate to Canada is to obtain a job offer and a subsequent work permit through a Canadian company. 

Option 5: Apply for One of Canada’s Three Immigration Programs to Live in Quebec

Turkish citizens can qualify for the entrepreneur program if they move to Quebec to launch or buy a business.

Turkish passport holders might qualify for the investor program if they plan to invest in Quebec. Canada’s only passive investor program and one of the most well-known worldwide is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), through which successful applicants invest in Quebec and make their way through Canada. 

Turkish passport holders may qualify for the self-employed program if they are a professional or tradesperson who is self-employed.

Option 6: Provincial Nominee Programs for Business

Every province and territory has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and many of them provide a stream for applicants with managerial or business expertise. Each PNP stream has its qualifying requirements and application process, but successful candidates always obtain a provincial nomination. Following this provincial nomination, the applicant can usually apply for permanent residency at the federal level.

Process of Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada

Here are the steps you need to follow to obtain a Canadian business visa:

  • Verify whether one qualifies for a Canadian Business visa.
  • Assemble the necessary paperwork and visa application forms for Canada.
  • Commitment from a Designated Entity.
  • Ability in English, French, or both.
  • Apply for a business visa to Canada.
  • Wait for processing before answering any more information queries.
  • Biometric (fingerprints and photo) requirements.
  • Send the passport to get it stamped.


There are numerous possibilities available to immigrate from Turkey to Canada. The secret to obtaining a residence permit in Canada and the first step to starting a new life is understanding their best choice and purpose of immigrating to Canada. 

Successful business people looking for new possibilities and challenges are welcome in Canada. The business immigration from Turkey to Canada aims to promote and ease the entrance of these people. The Canadian government welcomes business immigrants and provides resources to assist them in establishing a firm and settling in Canada.

Set a plan in motion and follow it step by step. Then there is no reason why Canada’s desire for a brighter future cannot be a reality.

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