Best Ways to Immigrate from Brazil to the UK
A immigrant passport placed over UK flag to immigrate from Brazil to the UK

Best Ways to Immigrate from Brazil to the UK


If you’re planning to immigrate from Brazil to the UK, you probably have many questions in your head. How will you get there? What kind of work will be available for you? What are the process and documents needed?

However, one thing that isn’t often discussed is the immigration law of the country you are moving to – and why would it be? After all, most people aren’t thinking about their immigration status when they move or make plans for future trips abroad anyway.

However, if you’re an ex-pat and want to move permanently or temporarily from Brazil to the UK, then you’ll need to learn some essential things about how to immigrate from Brazil to the UK before deciding whether or not it’s right for you.

The United Kindom is always the first choice for every person seeking the best opportunities abroad. The UK’s economic, administrative, and geographical conditions are the best of all and attract the elite of talents to work in that country. 

Following international law, immigrants are allowed to enter any country provided that specific criteria hold true, such as their immigration purpose.

UK and Brazil have long shared good ties; they are active partners in business, travel, trade, and tourism, making it easy for people to immigrate from Brazil to the UK.

Brazil and the UK are part of the EU, and citizens of Brazil are permitted to enter the UK for six months freely.

This article is a comprehensive and exhaustive guide on the best ways to immigrate from Brazil to the UK. It will explain to you all the possible ways and types of immigration methods to migrate from Brazil to the UK. 

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Types of Visa

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There are two types of visa that foreign nationals can obtain depending on their purpose for visiting a foreign country. 

Tourist visa

This type of visa allows people who are visiting another country temporarily. It’s valid for up to 6 months and will enable travelers to stay in the UK without needing any other type of permit or approval.

Citizenship visa

This type of visa entitles an individual not eligible for citizenship rights within their own country to permanent resident status in another country (e.g., Brazil). 

Once granted this status, applicants may continue living outside their native land indefinitely while enjoying all its benefits, including medical care or education, under certain conditions outlined by law enforcement agencies.

Best Ways to Immigrate from Brazil to the UK

A man walking towards the UK border to immigrate from Brazil to the UK

You can apply for a visa to immigrate from Brazil to the United Kingdom. There are different types of visas that allow you to visit or work in the UK:

Tier 1 visa

It is a general term for any visa based on your skills and education rather than your family ties. 

Applying for this type of visa can be complicated if you don’t know how it works or what documents are required. You better consult your travel agent or law firm who will help you to immigrate from Brazil to the UK.

Different skills need different certifications. If you want to travel from Brazil to the UK on a skilled visa, you must provide documentation of your skill set. Following are the categories and documents required:

  1. A valid certificate of sponsorship from your employer.
  2. English test qualification.
  3. Jobs on the list of occupations.

UK visas are complicated, so be sure to do your research before deciding on one to apply for.

Skilled worker visa

The Tier 2 visa, as it was earlier known, is for skilled workers, so if you’re not a doctor or nurse and don’t have any qualifications in medicine or nursing, it might not be right for your needs.

You’ll also need to ensure that your job offer comes from an employer who can sponsor your residency application. If this isn’t possible, we recommend speaking with an immigration lawyer before proceeding further with your plan to move abroad.

A passport and money of an immgrate who is ready to mmigrate from Brazil to the UK

Tier 5 visa

The Tier 5 visa is a temporary work visa designed for students who have completed their studies and are looking for jobs in the UK. If you qualify, this will allow you to stay in the country for up to 6 months without restrictions on your employment or residency status. 

You can apply for a Tier 5 visa if:

  1. You have a degree or equivalent qualification from an accredited university or college.
  2. You are a graduate with a job offer.

Family visa

If you’re considering immigrating from Brazil to the UK, consider your family before making a decision. You can’t just pack up and move without them!

A family visa allows people already living in Brazil or another country with which the UK has a bilateral agreement to stay with their families while they look for work.

It allows them to live in the UK legally and work here too. The main requirements for getting this type of visa are that:

  1. Your partner must be able to support themselves financially.
  2. You must show evidence that your partner has enough money saved up.
  3. Your children under 18 need permission from both parents (if applicable).
Two passports wrapped in UK flag

Student visa

To immigrate from Brazil to the UK on a student visa, you must:

  1. Be 18 years old or older.
  2. Have an accepted place at your chosen institution and pass the admission test that will be held in London.

Once you have met these requirements, you can apply for a student visa by going to the British consulate nearest your home country and filling out their paperwork. The process takes about three weeks from start to finish.

Ancestry visa

If you wish to bring your family over, the best way is with an ancestry visa. 

It allows people from Brazil with a close family relationship with a British citizen or permanent resident to apply for their own visas. 

You need to prove that your family has been living in Britain since at least December 19th, 1948, and that they have been eligible for British citizenship or permanent residency since then.

You will also need proof of financial support from someone who has already moved there or lives there permanently, such as an employer or relative who can provide accommodation. At the same time, you look for work and accommodation once you arrive!


People have been immigrating from one place to another from time immemorial. Migrations have been taking place for a better life, good survival, and a peaceful time. When a person gets the opportunity to travel to some great country, he would not want to lose it. Immigrating to the UK opens up a world of opportunities, technology development, the growing mergers and acquisitions happening in the UK. Having such a diverse market is an advantage, giving immigrants access to a growing economy and currency arbitrage opportunities.

The UK immigration system is complicated, and you should always do your research before you decide on a visa option. There are many options for different situations, so it’s good to go through each one carefully to see what best fits your needs. 

For more information on immigrating from Brazil to the UK, processing your visa, and which visa applies to your immigration process, consult an immigration expert. At LegaMart, our expert team selected the best lawyers from around the world and onboarded them in our LegaMart directory, which will assist you in navigating the process of immigration from Brazil to the UK and provide the best possible solution.

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