How Copyright Can Affect Your Business

Copyright: Remarkable Effects on Your Business

Copyright is a legal term that refers to the protection of artistic creations of an original idea in some recorded form. It makes it illegal for anyone to reproduce, perform, or distribute your work without your permission. Copyright Definition A concept must be “expressed” in a form that the law permits in order to be protected. On paper, in a picture, or in computer code, for example. It's not enough to ...

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trademarks - trade secrets in Business and Commercial Law

Everything You Need to Know about Trade Secrets 2022

Trade Secrets Introduction Trade secrets can be used to safeguard any economically important knowledge. Trade secrets are not the same as other forms of intellectual property rights. In exchange for protection, there is no registration procedure and, by definition, no duty to divulge the information to the public. Rather, trade secret protection comes as a result of how the secret information is handled. The Trade Secrets Regulations 2018, governs trade secret protection in the United ...

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IPR in China

IPR in China: Everything You Must Know

The main reason to study IPR in China is that this country has long been regarded as the "world's factory," producing low-quality manufactured items and copying foreign products and business practices. China — or so the tale goes — is a country of knockoffs incapable of the invention and with little respect for intellectual property rights (IPR), whether owing to heavy-handed government involvement or some cultural dispute about Confucian educational ...

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