UK Chancellor In Support Of Self Employed Citizens - Self Employed Business in Labor Law

Measures Taken By the UK’s Chancellor: Self Employed Business

COVID-19 has taken over the globe drastically and has affected people from all walks of life. There are several laws coming into effect to provide some kind of relief to the self employed citizens to deal with the COVID-19 issue in a better manner. With recent pandemic, most of the individuals, decided to run their own self employed business, so if you are a UK citizen, not only there is no ...

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SAUDI RUSSIA OIL WAR: END OF OPEC; The most successful cartel in the world?

Due to recent developments in the oil market, it is highly unlikely that we would see OPEC to survive for long. This is particularly due to the ongoing Russia-Saudi Oil War. It all started when Russia refused to make higher production cuts which would have led the oil prices to refrain from falling so low. Earlier on the prices had a huge blow due to the ongoing corona pandemic. In response ...

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TRUST IN BANKS: A Core Requirement?

The banking sector is mostly dominated by decent people who look for an honest living. However, there is no doubt in stating that the world would have been a better place in the last 3 decades without excessive risk-taking, frauds and poor judgment on part of banking institutions. It is also important to note that due to some bad apples in the industry, the entire sector pays for the reputation ...

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