How to Protect Your IP in Brazil

IP in Brazil: How to Successfully Protect Yours

IP in Brazil Intellectual property comprising patents, trademarks, geographical indications, and industrial designs. The name of the agency which is responsible for the administration and registration of this intellectual property in Brazil is Brazil’s National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). There is a government website called ‘’ which is available in the Portuguese language where the application for the patent, trademark, and industrial design can be filed in the electronic ...

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The Most Weird Facts about Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap: Top Weird Facts About

Gender Pay Gap Definition Women's labor force involvement has increased dramatically since the second half of the twentieth century. Women are working longer hours and enrolling in education in greater numbers than men. Despite this development, a major gender pay gap between men and women still exists.  Women earn barely 77 cents for every dollar earned by males in the world. As a result, men and women have a lifetime salary ...

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Gender diversity on boards of directors

Gender Diversity on Boards of Directors

Gender Diversity Shareholders, policymakers, and authorities all want to see more gender diversity on corporate boards. They all are well aware of the fact that diverse teams and the board of directors performs better. Adding gender diversity to a board's opinions makes it easier to navigate difficult issues and protects organizations from different threats. While significant progress has been made toward gender diversity on board, there is still much more to ...

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