Economic Consequences of Emigration From Turkey 2022

Republic of Turkey passports handed out at airports by those checking in for emigration from Turkey

Introduction The people’s emigration from Turkey in the past was mainly for the sake of pursuing better economic opportunities. The economy is still a leading factor in the recent wave of people emigrating from Turkey, along with other factors.  Turkey is the largest host country for refugees in the world. There are about 4 million […]

Best 5 Tips You Should Know For Franchising Your Business

Franchising your business will give you the chance to grow your brand and make it popular; consider that instead of starting a business on your own, you will use the credit of a well-known brand; but there are a few requirements that should be met in order to guarantee the growth of your business. These […]

5 Best Ways to Run a Franchise

Buying a franchise can be a great way to start your business, but in order to run a profitable franchise, there are a few crucial steps that must be taken into account.  John was planning on running a branch of Burger King with the same secret recipe, but a new trademark. After entering into a […]

4 Key Differences of Franchise and License: Which One is Best for you?

Two parties signing franchise agreement

Introduction There are several misleading differences between franchising and licensing. The main difference between a franchise agreement and a license agreement is that a franchisee can use the franchisor’s trademark and comply with brand standards. Still, by entering into a license agreement, the licensee only has the right to use the licensor’s trademark and won’t […]