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Best 5 Tips You Should Know For Franchising Your Business

Franchising your business will give you the chance to grow your brand and make it popular; consider that instead of starting a business on your own, you will use the credit of a well-known brand; but there are a few requirements that should be met in order to guarantee the growth of your business. These requirements include finding the right lawyer, providing a franchise disclosure document, creating an operations manual for ...

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How To Run a Franchise - Franchise in Business and Commercial Law

5 Best Ways to Run a Franchise

Buying a franchise can be a great way to start your business, but in order to run a profitable franchise, there are a few crucial steps that must be taken into account.  John was planning on running a branch of Burger King with the same secret recipe, but a new trademark. After entering into a franchise agreement, he designed a new trademark and set new standards for his so-called new business. These ...

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Franchise v. Licensing - Franchise in Contracts

4 Key Differences of Franchise and License: Which One is Best for you?

There are several misleading differences between franchising and licensing. The main difference is that by a franchise agreement, the franchisee is entitled to use the franchisor’s trademark and operate in compliance with brand standards, but by entering into a license agreement, the licensee only has the right to use the licensor’s trademark and won’t learn about its standards and know-how. Since these two terms may seem a bit alike, for avoiding ...

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