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4 Easiest Countries To Immigrate To

Easiest Countries To Immigrate To

Easiest Countries To Immigrate

Are you searching for the easiest countries to immigrate? Moving abroad is very different from traveling abroad. You need to consider a lot of factors before moving abroad. Are you unsure of the aspects to consider before immigrating to another country? Here’s a comprehensive list covering all the aspects of immigration. Right from the list of easiest countries to immigrate to the basic qualifications, let’s discuss everything in detail:


What is Immigration?

The very first thing you should understand is what exactly is the definition of immigration under law. According to the law, immigration is an act by people to move to a country where they are not native members or where they do not have the citizenship to settle as permanent residents. In short, an act of moving from a country to an international country. This act is usually for permanent residence.


Why immigrate?

The reason to immigrate differs from person to person. But when it comes to choosing a country to immigrate to, you have to be clear about it. As we mentioned earlier, it is usually for permanent residence. Besides this, there are several other reasons for immigration. The following are:

  • High standard of living
  • Better healthcare
  • Escape poverty or conflict zones
  • Environmental factors
  • Higher education
  • Missionary work
  • Family influences
  • Political Reasons

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What are the basic requirements of immigration?

Once you are familiar with the reason and goal, what’s next? The next question would be, ‘what are the documentation requirements?’ Or Which law provides the documentation and other requirements.


According to the initial stage, the general inquiries would be related to the eligibility for specific immigration programs. Moreover, every country has different requirements when it comes to permits and visas for its immigration program. Some specific types of visas have a requirement to score a minimum of x points.


Besides this, the application process requires age, language, nationality, income, country of origin, the background of family, occupation or intended occupation, length of stay, etc.


Practically speaking, the immigration procedures and policies should be taken into consideration in order to look at how easy it is to get a visa in the country. Moreover, it is important to be aware of barriers like financial matters, language barriers, cultural barriers, and many more. Hence, awareness about all these factors is important before moving to the country of your choice.


Which are the easiest countries to immigrate to?

You might have heard of countries where immigration is very easy while in some countries like the USA, it’s a difficult task. Or maybe like Austria, where you need to invest millions to get residential permits. The easiest countries to immigrate to are as follows:

  • Canada
  • Dominica
  • Mexico
  • Bulgaria


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What is the procedure for Immigration under the law of Canada?

Canada is one of the common countries to immigrate to. Moreover, it offers a simple procedure for residential permits and citizenship. Canada allows dual citizenship.  The following are the ways to get a residency in Canada.

  • Job offer from a Canada-based company.
  • Once you become a permanent resident, you have to apply for naturalization after four years for Canadian citizenship.
  • There is another way to seek citizenship if you are 14 to 64 years old. You have to send documents as proof that you can speak and understand French or English. Following that, you have to pass a citizenship test, which is a total of 24 pts. In case you are older, the given requirements will not be applicable.


What is the procedure for Immigration under the law of Dominica?

The Caribbean island of Dominica offers the lowest cost second passport for the purchase program. You can acquire a second passport with an investment of US $100,000 plus fees. If you want to become a citizen of Dominica, you must make a choice between two options:

  • Either make a donation to the government, or
  • Buy real estate on the island. Moreover, if you choose to buy real estate on the island, you have to deliver proof of the minimum capital requirements at the beginning of the process.


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What is the procedure for Immigration under the law of Mexico?

Well, buying real estate is more complicated than becoming a citizen in Mexico. All the interested parties just need to start the process by becoming a temporary Mexican resident with a job offer in Mexico and an active visa. Following that, you have to find an immigration lawyer and apply to Instituto Nacional de Migracion (INM). INM is a unit of Mexico’s government dependent on the Secretariat of the Interior that supervises and controls the migration process. Moreover, when you receive Mexico’s permanent residency, it doesn’t need yearly renewal. It becomes very easy for permanent residency to change into citizenship in Mexico.


What is the procedure for Immigration under the law of Bulgaria?

Bulgaria’s government offers a residency program that will allow a person to obtain a second passport and citizenship. The interested buyers have to make a small investment to become a member of the European Union to apply for the fast track citizenship program. The investment would be BGN 1,000,000 to get residency. As a result, you’ll have a residency visa for a time. As for citizenship, the interested parties have to make a second investment of BGN 1,000,000.

Although, this entire process of a second passport takes around 18 months. This program is faster than the other second passport programs by Bulgaria. Moreover, the other program usually takes 5 years or more to get a second passport.


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What are the final remarks on Immigration?

To sum up, be it basic immigration application forms or legal expertise, different countries have different laws for immigration. But with the right guidance, immigration can be very easy.  However, it is necessary to evaluate all the aspects with regard to immigration before you choose a country to migrate to.

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