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10 Quick Tips for Personal Branding for Lawyers 2022

personal branding for lawyers


The world of branding influences our daily lives through clothes, electronics, social media, apps, movie theaters, noodles, etc. People prefer products or services marketed under well-known brand names because they trust them and know what they are getting. For example, if someone asks to buy noodles, they will go and get maggi noodles because of their branding. Most people refer to maggi as a generic term for all the noodles available in the market. In today’s blog we will discuss how this branding works in the legal profession and how personal branding for lawyers can make all the difference in revenue, trust, and reputation.

What is Personal Branding for Lawyers?

Personal branding for lawyers refers to how a person and their identity become so well known and credible among a target audience that they influence their choices and decisions. A Lawyer’s personal brand defines their core value which represents their work. It imbibes trust that a person will be able to provide a good experience in his field. Personal branding for lawyers helps in the marketing and growth in any particular area in today’s era of the internet and media.

Why is it Essential to have a Strong Personal Brand for Lawyers?

The rise of competition in the market makes it essential to create a solid personal brand today. There could be many reasons for this, including increased access to the internet in almost every field. Having a strong identity is crucial to gaining people’s trust. A lawyer working in a law firm, feeling dissatisfied with their job profile, might consider investing their time in personal branding. It gives the legal fraternity an idea of their skills and expertise. 

Some lawyers have built their practice based on their excellent writing skills. Personal blogging is one of the most common and successful ideas to develop personal branding for lawyers.

There is no doubt that lawyers should support important causes, such as privacy rights and humanitarian issues but at the same time, it is equally important to start marketing themselves through the activities they are involved in. 

What are the 10 Tips for Personal Branding for Lawyers?

Content Marketing: People get attracted to good content nowadays. When a client visits a law firm’s website, he tries to check the articles published on their website. The quality of articles creates the first image in the client’s mind. Thus it has become imperative for lawyers to keep good quality and relevant content on their websites. 

Networking: Lawyers must maintain good business relationships across disciplines. They can guide fellow lawyers in providing resources and guidance while dealing with cases. Through networking, they can represent their identity in the group of lawyers. The best way to do this is by attending meetings, legal conferences, and seminars.

Social Media Promotion: Digital marketing has become increasingly important. There are several social media platforms for professionals, like Twitter, Linkedin, etc., where lawyers share their ideas, thoughts, and expertise. It facilitates the building of relationships in the community. Additionally, it allows lawyers to be more accessible and available. It is the most commonly used strategy in the current era of personal branding for lawyers.

Highlighting achievements: If lawyers receive a certificate for any event, competition or course. They should post about it on social media. It is essential to showcase the victories in the community. Through these achievements, people start to trust their brand.

Highlight qualities: Lawyers should highlight their strengths and services in their introduction. However, there should not be too much information in the text that may bore the reader. Keeping it short and simple is crucial to making a good impression.

Associating with top law firms: The brand name of a tier one law firm indeed adds a lot of value to the lawyers working there. When someone searches for a lawyer on linkedIn and shows that they work for XYZ law firm, that lawyer is considered a knowledgeable and skilled attorney. Using the brand name of a law firm can help in establishing personal branding for themselves.

Writing books, magazines, blogs etc: This is a very convenient way to present an idea for the lawyers to mark their presence in the legal fraternity.

Determine the skill set and service: Lawyer should decide what kind of work and services they will provide to their clients. They should display the type of law they want to practice. For example, if someone practices bankruptcy, corporate, family, criminal, etc. It gives an edge over other lawyers who handle all types of cases. 

Do some pro bono work: We hear about lawyers doing pro bono work for social causes all the time. It is an excellent way for lawyers to establish their brand name and mark their presence while helping others. Mr. A fought for the rape victim without charging a penny.

Learn from the success of others: Lawyers must keep themselves updated with their existing competitors to excel in their field. To make their brand the best, they have to analyze the social media profiles of competitors and devise a strategy based on that analysis.

Personal branding for lawyers should begin at the very beginning of their careers. They can also start building a good network with their alumni base. It helps in connecting to the legal fraternity around them. After college/work, they should be active on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn and talk about their achievements, views on current topics, etc.


Personal branding for lawyers is a one-stop strategy to help them grow their business by building relationships and making people aware of what they do. Nevertheless, they might have difficulty creating their brand among many competitors, but they can do it by following the right tips and strategies.

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