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How Is Artificial Intelligence Shaping The Legal Sector Of Today

There isn’t any denial that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the latest technologies that is gaining popularity rapidly. Its effect is visible in almost every sector of the world. The presence of AI is quite evident in the courtrooms too. As pointed out in the previous article, Legal tech is the latest trend in today’s time! Law firms are making use of different technologies to manage their tasks much more efficiently.

How is technology overtaking the markets?

Here’s what Maryam Salehijam, a book author who’s having an LLB and Ph.D. in Law, has to say on the topic:

“Fortunately, we live in the age of technology, which means we have new solutions to the age-old problem of billable hours.  In the past, legal technology was considered by some to be a threat to law firms by undermining the billable hour model and breaking the lock that lawyers once held over legal information. However, it is clear that if a law firm implements the right technology, it can stay ahead of its competitors and help its lawyers to reach their professional goals.”

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The competency brewing up

It isn’t just about the technology entering; it matters how efficiently it is being used too. There are multiple ALSPs and the Big 4 accountancy firms that are a competition to the other firms in the legal industry. Amidst all the competition, technology is one of the biggest factors that aid in the success of any firm in the legal business.

Thoughts of Benjamin Alarie

Benjamin Alarie is the CEO of Blue J Legal. Blue J legal is a brand in itself and leads the industry in developing legal technology powered by machine learning. The main aim of the company is to help tax practitioners gain unparalleled visibility into challenging areas of law.

According to Benjamin, “In the immediate future, AI will enable lawyers to focus on the highest value work for their clients. Machines can handle much of the busy work that used to eat up hours of time, and AI is increasingly being applied to more complex tasks. This frees up human expertise to think more creatively and effectively, once freed up from the minutiae”.

What does the future of law hold with AI coming in?

The innovation being brought by AI into the legal industry is completely going to change the face of the sector.

There are endless backlogs in many court systems, even today. With the AI coming in, individuals will be able to get better and quicker access to justice. The technological aspect has already made a lot of advancement in legal businesses. For instance, people can submit their arguments as well as evidence through a dedicated online medium. Thereby moving the judgments on the internet, and reducing time in the courtrooms.

In the future, with AI booming up, legal tech is only going to get better. Rather than just the decisions being made online, it is going to be much more than that. For instance, AI will result in the creation of a system where the tech product will be able to guide people too. There will be a diagnostic system where can people can get guidance about the various legal options they have.

Also, they can understand about assembling of evidence, alternative ways as solutions for the disputes, etc. Further, AI is of great use when it comes to making predictions. Thus, one can expect a system with the most likely outcomes for a particular dispute.

Artificial intelligence and legal sector

Support from those in the industry

The biggest roadblock at any point in time is going to be the political aspects to bring in this technological change. The support of lawyers, firms, and judges is essential to shift more towards legal tech. Also, to switch to simplified ways to make court systems much more efficient.

 At the same time, the law institutions imparting education should change the curriculum to generate 21st century lawyers. The 21st century lawyers can take the legal industry forward at a quicker pace.

Final words about artificial intelligence

It is supposed to be an accumulation of efforts from the universities teaching law, lawyers in practice, judges, and law firms. This effort is essential to bring about this technical change for the better. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to bring about massive innovation, and make the system of courtrooms much more effective.

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