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Why Personal Branding Is Essential For Lawyers?

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We live in a digital world. As all of us are in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, online networking and presence have never been more important to build connections and stay top of mind. Today, clients discover and vet lawyers online, and practically speaking, they have no other choice at the moment. It seems that digital presence is even more important today than ever before. In the post-coronavirus era, we can expect many law firms to be more flexible with remote working and the long-term success of your digital presence will matter! Are you a lawyer who wants to leave a lasting impression and boost their referrals? Do you want to get a new job? Have you ever thought about building a strong online presence? If so, this article is a must-read.

In law schools, lawyers learn how to be a good lawyer by knowing the legal system and the regulations. Yet, this is the first step. They do not learn how to present themselves in the real-life and prove that they are reliable and skillful. They do not know why personal branding is essential for lawyers. Indeed, you should let others know you. You might ask yourself why personal branding is essential for lawyers. So let’s start with an impressive quote from Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO: “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Why really are personal branding and online presence important?

In the present time, marketing is more than billboards and business cards. It does not mean that business cards are really outdated. However, considering the new methods of digital marketing, the way people present themselves has changed.  Now it’s time to know why personal branding is essential for lawyers. Your legal personal brand takes you where you really want to go.

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of lawyer branding are too great to ignore. Some lawyers think that they do not need personal branding since they are already part of a law firm that has its own brand identity and website. It should be noted that some lawyers may have little visibility outside the circle of the firms they are working while they may be well-respected internally by their clients. Hence, regardless of the fact that you are a solo lawyer or you live in a law firm, lawyer branding is a necessity.

Personal marketing strategy affects your career development. The market for legal services is literally competitive and there are many experts and trusted lawyers around you.  To put it simply, personal branding is a border between how you see yourself and how others see you. It shows how you are different from other lawyers and legal advisers. Keep this in mind that business does not wait for anyone! So, try to start building your personal brand. Define and craft your personal branding and stick to it!

How to craft personal branding?

We tried to find an answer to why personal branding is essential for lawyers. Now you should know how to define our personal brands. Any marketing endeavor usually starts with an examination of purposes. First, you should ask yourself some important questions like: why do you do what you do? What do you excel at? Answers to these questions are what distinguish you from other lawyers and legal consultants.

What is more, you need to showcase your skills and accomplishments, and convincingly explain your core values, skills, and experiences. Try to have a record of successful cases and settlements. Highlighting your case histories and client success stories show your journey in the world of law.

Do not forget online presence, Out of sight is out of mind!

Online presence is essential for lawyIers

Invest time in building your personal brand. Needless to say, there are many creative ways to stand out in the digital era. Of course, you need to take some trial and error at first, but there is no doubt that your efforts will pay off.

Online reputation management is necessary. It is worth mentioning that the first thing someone is going to do when they want to learn more about you as a lawyer is googling you. What they learn about you from a simple online search affects their decisions about hiring you. According to the American Bar Association official website,

“Among individual lawyers who use social media tools for professional purposes:  69% do so for professional development/networking, 56% use them for client development, education and awareness take third place at 39%, followed by case investigation and other uses”.

Your ideas can attract more ears!

Here are some simple things to keep in mind when you intend to craft your personal brand. But keep in mind that it needs a platform to be audible to the rest of the world. Your presence on social media is an essential way to increase your digital footprint. It can also provide more opportunities for you to be seen and eventually result in more future cases. You can demonstrate your expertise and experience by producing strategic and highly informative content.

Now you know why personal branding is essential for lawyers. Obviously, you need to have a precise and well-thought plan to stay active on your social media channels on a regular basis. You should choose the channels based on the country you live in and your target audience. Analyze the impressions, engagement rates, and amplifications. Furthermore, constant engagement on LinkedIn has incredible results. After optimizing your profile on LinkedIn, build your network, and share your content.

Last but certainly not least, you can have your own weblog. Blogging can demonstrate your substantive skills and develop your relationships. Write an article sharing your legal insights or deliver webinars. It is of foremost importance to use SEO tactics and optimize your blog for search engines.  Of course, having a regularly updated weblog takes time.

logo of LegaMart blog

LegaMart can help you!

In sum, be mindful of leaving a footprint in the digital landscape. After understanding why personal branding is essential for lawyers, try to narrow your focus on developing your personal brand and building your professional reputation. By publishing your articles on the LegaMart blog, we can help you to boost your online presence, get the results you want, and maintain visibility with your clients. You can let people know about you through the LegaMart blog.

Are you looking to establish yourself in the legal community as an expert in a specific practice area? LegaMart weblog can help you. Get started!

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