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Foreign born spouse

Quick Guide for Foreign Born Spouse: The US, UK & China (2022)

Every country has different rules and regulations on international marriage. If you are planning to bring your foreign born spouse from the USA, UK and China to your country, here is what you need to know.  International marriage is very complex to understand. International Marriage affects the citizenship of the children born out of an International Marriage. International marriages occur when one individual marries another individual from a different country. International ...

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International divorce

International Divorce and Child Custody in UK and the US

Divorce is the process of separation and dissolving of a married relationship. Marriage can be certified by any institution, but divorce, on the other hand, can only be granted by the court after considering all aspects, due process of law, and parties' logical and social responsibilities. Parties have to make an amicable decision regarding sharing liabilities, responsibilities, and duties towards each other or a third person benefiting from this relationship. The ...

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