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patent cost in Turkey

Patent Cost in Turkey 2022

"I'm originally from the UK and want to file an international patent application for my new invention in Turkey. However, I'm unaware of the patent cost in Turkey and how I can obtain a patent there." What is a Patent and What Does it Protect? In general terms, a patent protects new inventions for a certain period. It provides the inventor the right to use or sell their invention in the commercial ...

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Patent Registration in Turkey

9 Benefits of Patent Registration in Turkey for 2022

"Recently, I have invented a pharmaceutical product in Turkey which has great health benefits. I am looking forward to obtaining a patent registration in Turkey. However, before moving forward, I want to know if there are any benefits of having a patent in Turkey and what if I can get any benefits in case someone violates my rights over the invention". Is the same question troubling you? If yes, here we ...

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Patent validation

A Quick Guide on Patent Validation in the US

Are you an inventor/creator who loves inventing new things?  Then, it is inevitable that you haven't dreamed of getting patent validation for your invention at some point in your life. Having exclusive ownership of your invention is not only the last step in the invention process but also works as a long-term protection measure. So, here’s a quick guide on patent validation in the US, that covers the major aspect like ...

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