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Patent Registration in Turkey

9 Benefits of Patent Registration in Turkey for 2022

"Recently, I have invented a pharmaceutical product in Turkey which has great health benefits. I am looking forward to obtaining a patent registration in Turkey. However, before moving forward, I want to know if there are any benefits of having a patent in Turkey and what if I can get any benefits in case someone violates my rights over the invention". Is the same question troubling you? If yes, here we ...

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Patent Infringement

Best Tips For Patent Infringement: Types & Cases

I gathered a couple of disused iPhones from my friends, dismantled them, and sold the iPhone chips to a professor in the engineering department. A month later, the rumor spread around campus that the professor had assembled an iNotebook, which was a good thing. Until two gentlemen showed up at my doorstep on my eighteenth birthday, flashing their Apple IDs. A few hours ago, I was a child, but now ...

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