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Medical marijuana 1 - marijuana legalization in OIL and GAS LAW

Marijuana Legalization: A Challenge For The Lawyers Called Medical Marijuana

One of the legal issues these days is marijuana legalization; Part of the marijuana plant that can alleviate any health problem is the main reason why most of the countries in the world are taking action to legalize and to use it for medical reasons. ‘Medical marijuana’ is the new term that is used and you can find it in the literature as medicine which is not different from the marijuana ...

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Oil refinery1 - marijuana legalization in OIL and GAS LAW

SAUDI RUSSIA OIL WAR: END OF OPEC; The most successful cartel in the world?

Due to recent developments in the oil market, it is highly unlikely that we would see OPEC to survive for long. This is particularly due to the ongoing Russia-Saudi Oil War. It all started when Russia refused to make higher production cuts which would have led the oil prices to refrain from falling so low. Earlier on the prices had a huge blow due to the ongoing corona pandemic. In response ...

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