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How to take your personal legal branding to the next level

More and more legal practitioners are showing interest in leveling up their personal branding and getting to the top in the legal industry. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at boosting your legal career using digital media and branding too, and maybe you haven’t gotten the return on your investment you expected. Fear not! We’ll tell you all you need to kickstart your social media presence and content marketing, in ...

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Legal Influencers in the Middle East: From an image to a real business

The Middle East has a wide range of variety, in a not broad region. Most countries in the Middle East are considered Muslim countries; however, the only Jewish state in the world is located right in this region. Arab states are the majority of the Middle East, while Persian, Turkish, and Kurdish speakers are numerous. This is also a matter of economics and legal systems. While Dubai is an international hub ...

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Patents VS Trade Secrets: The best way to protect your business

If you are an innovative person who’s worried about their inventions, or if you’re a company owner who needs to protect its confidential business information, this article is written just for you. Patents and trade secrets are of the most common types of intellectual property protection. At first glance, these terms may look a bit similar, but still you should be aware that distinctive advantages and disadvantages reside in each ...

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