Successful Trademark Registration in the UK

Trademark Registration in the UK Trademark registration for a company, brand or product name, logo, slogan or other trademark provides a business with the most efficient form of protection against a competitor making an unjust or illegal use of its brand. Although a trademark might be capable of being protected through other areas of the […]

How Long Does Trademark Registration Take in the UK?

How Long Does Trademark Registration Take? “I want to register my trademark in the UK, but before that I have a doubt regarding how much time it will take to complete. I need to travel to other countries within a few months, will my mark get registered within some months, or will it take more […]

Trademark Business Name in the UK: Reasons and Benefits

Business Name as a Trademark A business name is simply a company’s officially registered name, whereas trademarking a name means a way to protect the business name legally and prevent the business name from being used by other competitors in the market.  When you start a business for the first time, knowing why you must […]

Trademark a Name in a Remarkable Way in the UK; Costs

Trademark a Name If you’re recently started a business, then you may be wondering how to legally protect your mark from infringement in the UK. However, it’s important to know that trademark registration is a time taking process, which includes an amount to be paid for a successful registration. Every country has their own expenses […]

Discover Benefits of Trademark Name in the UK

Trademark Name “I want to start a business in the UK, for which I have decided a name for my business, but I’m unsure of the legal protections for the business name I have chosen. Can a name be trademarked in the UK ? Does trademark registration prevent trademark infringement of business names ? Or, […]

How to Conduct a New Trademark Search in the UK

Trademark Search A trademark is a word, name, symbol, design, or combination, used in commerce to identify and distinguish the products of one manufacturer or seller from those of another and to indicate the source of the goods. A unique brand name or logo is used to distinguish your product/service as distinct from others in […]

How to Trademark a Logo Successfully in the UK

Trademark a Logo “I want to start a business in the UK, for which I have decided the business name and applied for the trademark registration. I have also created a logo through the help of a designer for my business, but do I need to trademark my logo ? If yes, then will I […]