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9 Free Online Law Courses to Take During Covid: Make Most of a Bad Situation

Law is a competitive and specialized profession, requiring a lifetime commitment to learning. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have 40 years in the business, keeping up to date with legal advancements is a must. Free online law courses can be a great asset to take advantage of during lock-down. If you’re a lawyer or becoming one, now is the time to invest in yourself, especially with the coronavirus ...

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Content Strategy for a Lawyer: How to Increase Your Online Presence by Content Marketing

 In the digital era, being a good lawyer is not enough. You are also expected to have an online presence. You have many competitors in your jurisdiction and area of expertise. Have you ever asked yourself who wants to hire an attorney who does not have authority in the legal sector? In the previous article published on the LagaMart blog, it was explained why personal branding is essential for lawyers. ...

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Why Personal Branding Is Essential For Lawyers?

We live in a digital world. As all of us are in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, online networking and presence have never been more important to build connections and stay top of mind. Today, clients discover and vet lawyers online, and practically speaking, they have no other choice at the moment. It seems that digital presence is even more important today than ever before. In the post-coronavirus era, ...

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