Dealing with Money Laundering during COVID-19

The pandemic has affected the lives of millions. While the migrants and poverty-stricken are finding ways to make ends meet, perpetrators are taking advantage of the situation. Cybercrimes and money laundering are on the rise due to COVID-19. On one end of the spectrum, money laundering issues might not be a priority in this plague. […]

The reaction to the coronavirus in Iranian prisons

What was the reaction to coronavirus outbreak in Iranian prisons? At first, coronavirus was not confirmed in Iranian prisons till late February. When new prisoners entered, and inmates were transferred for different services from one to another prison in the country, the first prisoner infected with COVID-19 was there. Despite the status of the prison […]

Anti-COVID-19 Orders: Criminal Analysis

Here are different approaches of fighting Covid-19

To fight different diseases, countries around the globe act accordingly, enforcing measures such as new misdemeanors or even criminal penalties, just to fulfill their obligation to maintain public health. That means according to the situation in every country they make analysis for which measures will be more efficient, and they enforce them through their legal […]