9 Free Online Law Courses to Take During Covid: Make Most of a Bad Situation

legamart- free online law courses - man learning through tablet illustration

Law is a competitive and specialized profession, requiring a lifetime commitment to learning. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have 40 years in the business, keeping up to date with legal advancements is a must. Free online law courses can be a great asset to take advantage of during lock-down. If you’re a lawyer […]

Save Time, Save Money: 4 great reasons to hire Online Lawyers

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Can you trust a lawyer online? Sometimes it’s not only about the habitual need of a physical meeting but there are many other factors involved in the trust process of working with someone virtually. let’s take a look at some of the main difficulties people attribute to hiring lawyers online.

Space Law Overshadowed In The Glamour Of Space Tourism

Space Law Overshadowed In The Glamour Of Space Tourism

Space Law’s Problem in the Age of Commercial Space Exploration With a world that consists of rapidly shifting power towards private institutions and advancement in technology, everyone is looking for the next big thing. Keeping this in mind, it was not uncommon to see the rise in interest in Space Tourism. Human beings are a […]

Best Tips on Business Law in Dubai

Business Law in Dubai

Dubai is a leading business hub. Investors and entrepreneurs from different countries strive to start their businesses there. One of the main reasons that attract entrepreneurs is Business Law in Dubai. Business Law in Dubai makes it hassle-free and straightforward for businesses in multiple ways. With the right understanding of its accommodating laws and the […]

How to Conduct Due Diligence on an Iranian Company

Due diligence on an Iranian company

The untapped Iranian market has always been a desirable destination for foreign traders and investors. Located in the heart of the Middle East and Asia’s main pathway to Europe, Iran is the second-largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, a significant part of Iran’s population is comprised of young and educated […]

Top Business Guides in South Korea

Business Guide in South Korea

Before giving business guides in South Korea, you should know that South Korea has a flourishing economy, with its GDP representing 2.47 percent of the world’s economy. Are you aware of business in South Korea? South Korea has managed to be the seventh-largest importer and tenth largest exporter with almost no resources. They are one […]