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Using cryptocurrencies for international payments

Using Cryptocurrencies for International Payments to Circumvent US Sanctions

Foreign online stores do not accept Paypal and credit cards if you live in one of the almighty US's sanctioned countries. That's not just a problem for you; that's a problem for your distant cousin who lives in Chile and desperately wants the 2-year-old, $200 version of Pokemon Yellow for Game Boy Colour she saw on eBay.  It is where cryptocurrencies come in. Using cryptocurrencies for international payments allows you to ...

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NFT Law and the Future of the Crypto Market – The Rise and Rise of NFTs

Are there any written regulations for NFT Law? Is there any observation over the transactions? First, we should know what NFTs are; NFS stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. The word “Fungible” means that which can be traded or exchanged for one another, for example, a dollar bill or a Bitcoin or an Ada coin. Therefore, by definition, something that is “Non Fungible” is unique and cannot be exchanged with another token. A token is a ...

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sa 1586547848 blockchain - Blockchain Legal Issues in Bitcoin

Blockchain Legal Issues

With arise of Blockchain technology, its legal issues will arise too, and here, we will explain a bit about blockchain legal issues. Blockchain's Definition Defining Blockchain is not an easy task, some of the people trying to define it will say that the process is something completely new and it does not store any of the information in a central location but in a chain of computers (blocks), but some of them ...

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