tax tips UK and Poland

Top 4 Remarkable Tax Tips UK and Poland

Regardless of having problems with tax tips UK and Poland,  I have plans to quit my job and open up a business. I am a 32-year-old man working as a corporator. .I don’t know how to go through the process of beginning my own business, especially in the tax field. It seems very complex and there are so many things to be careful about. Meanwhile, I don’t know whose advice ...

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Name Change

Name Changes: Possible Or Not?!

There may be different reasons such as divorce, marriage, and immigration that would make someone want to change their name. In some cases, a full name change is not required because there’s only a small misspelling that has to be corrected. If you are an immigrant, you can change your name during the naturalization process. This has been discussed in detail in the Name Change in Immigration part. And speaking of ...

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employment law of Iran

Iran Employment Contract: Everything You Should Know

An employment contract can lead to a lot of disputes between the parties. This information is vital for both parties, employees and employers. These agreements will safeguard your position; hence, here is a brief overview of the issues that need to be included in the contract. The comprehensive Labor Law covers all labor relations and employment contracts in Iran, including hiring local and foreign staff. The Labor Law provides an extensive ...

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