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A True Yin-Yang basis Country: Turkey (II)

Yin Dark Side Money Depreciation, Lack of Safety & Soaring Inflation While Turkey has many bright sides to ponder, it is also ...


A True Yin-Yang basis Country: Turkey (I)

Yang Bright Side Emerging Economy, Ease of Business Business in Turkey; It seems far-fetched but is quite easy as a foreigner, it ...

legal technology

Legal Technology Trends in 2022 that Shape Law Firms

Regardless the traditional way that law firms manage themselves, Imagine how legal technology can affect the way that law firms ...

liability of director

Liability of Director in Dubai

In UAE, there is no specific legislation to govern the liability of director but it is governed through various sources ...


Lawyers in UAE (II); Gender Equality Reforms in Place

Male-Friendly Country for Expatriates Though female citizens and non-citizens account for 28% percent of the UAE's population due to the high ...


Lawyers in UAE (I); The land of Futuristic thoughts

UAE in a glance An elective monarchy formed from a federation of seven emirates, the United Arab Emirates has experienced remarkable ...


Lawyers in Nigeria (II); Land of Opportunities, Desert of Legislations

With the existence of several corporations in Nigeria, there will be expatriates in the picture. With 1.3 million international migrants ...


Lawyers in Nigeria (I); Discovering No Man’s Land

Nigeria; Land of Attraction As a diverse country, both geographically & climatic, a lawyer in Nigeria today should be very competitive ...