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Legal Personal Branding: Best 5 Tips on Online Marketing

With all the changes we have been encountered in the past few years, likewise, the changes that COVID-19 brings to ...


LegaMart: Best Place to be Recognized Internationally

LegaMart has made a special place for lawyers and legal professionals to publish their thoughts and articles in order to ...

Tax relief - UK in General

UK: All You Need to Know About ItsForeign Tax Relief and Tax Treaties 

Introduction to Tax Relief Any government program or policy effort aimed at lowering the amount of taxes paid by people or ...


Licensing Agreement For Artwork: Top Five Key Terms

A license agreement of artwork is a contract in which an artist grants permission to a client for using their work by ...


Liability of Director in A Company: Turkey

Suppose Mr. A is a shareholder in the XYZ company. The company goes insolvent due to a breach of duty ...


Licensing Agreement In Fashion Industry

Fashion is one of the trending aspects of our life these days; I'm the owner of a hairdressing salon and I ...

ILC - UK in General

Irrevocable Letter of Credit: All You Need to Know

To understand Irrevocable Letter of Credit, Imagin a Jordanian firm (hereinafter buyer) entered into a contract to buy reinforced steel ...

Franchise - UK in General

Best 5 Tips You Should Know For Franchising Your Business

Franchising your business will give you the chance to grow your brand and make it popular; consider that instead of ...