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FATF Proposed Counter-measures

In a recent legal brief made by T&S Associates, an acclaimed law firm in Tehran, Iran,  certain counter-measures were listed on their Linkedin page as per the new Financial Action Task Force (FATF) outcomes that had been published ...

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Immigration: Is It Really That Necessary?

After the imposement of additional sanctions on Iran, Immigration has become a fiery topic amongst many Iranians. From cab drivers to bank employees and students, everyone is seeking an alternative. Yet, one thing that individuals ...

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Why Opt-in for a Case Review?

Due to misinformation or mere idleness, a legal case that might not carry a worthy significance or have a lofty weight in winning a trial will be taken to litigation. This process is not only ...

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Legal Translation Tips

Apart from the localization process, legal translation revolves around a nation and culture-based framework. Why is that? Because each nation’s laws are composed uniquely to its own accords. Thus, a document addressed in Iran might ...

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Legal Advisory; Do you Know How it’s Done?

Legal advise is a tricky and complicated topic and needs to be received solely from experienced and competent professionals in the field. Legal advisory is definitely something that needs to be addressed and issued with attentiveness ...

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Advocacy Doesn’t Require a J.D.

What is advocacy and where does the word originate from? The Online Etymology Dictionary defines the word as, "the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending", which comes from the Old French avocacie and the Latin ...

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Self-belief Leads to Innovation: Formation of LegaMart

How does self-belief lead to innovation? One thing's for sure, any new activity or product always requires some confidence and self-belief. Without positive thinking and correct assessment, a novel idea will never reach its form and ...

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