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Investment opportunities in Iran are on the rise

4 Foreign Investment Opportunities in Iran

The government of Iran tends to offer privileges to companies who create job opportunities and transfer technology and are active ...

setting up a company in Iran

Best Guidelines of Setting up a Company in Iran

There are different types of companies following the amending bill to the Commercial Code when establishing a company in Iran

Close up young girls playing

The 7 Decisive Factors for a Child Arrangement Order, and the Harsh effects of the Pandemic

A Child Arrangement Order is a legally enforceable agreement usually between parents and a child, or guardian(s) and a child, ...

Energy Bills Cost in the UK

Energy Bills Cost in the UK 2021

The Covid-19 crisis also meant that energy companies required additional charges from consumers who couldn't keep up with their bills.

legamart- technology in the legal industry in 2021

What to Expect from the Legal Industry in 2021- the Exciting Future of the Legal Industry

All industries are undergoing a digital transformation as a result of the pandemic, and legal consumers manage their work digitally ...

Abortion law in Ireland

The Shocking 200 Year development of Abortion Law in Northern Ireland

In NI, if a woman does not qualify for legal abortion and does not wish to carry on her pregnancy, ...

NFT and IP law

NFT Copyright: Mistakes to Avoid in the $338 Million Opportunity!

Things like art, games, collectables and much more are being tokenized these days. Record prices for Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have ...

legal influencers in middle east

The 6 Brilliant Legal Influencers in Middle East

There are changes in the legal practice areas around the globe. In most countries, the legal practice is connected with ...