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The Contradiction of Skilled Immigration in Australia

Skilled immigration visas seem to be an advantageous deal for both the county and the immigrant.

Yet, research shows that the intended goal for such immigration plan is at a fail, as it does not achieve its desired economic growth status.  On The Conversation, a survey was conducted with 1,7000 skilled migrants in South Australia. 53% of these individuals found their skills as not used and 44% were working in positions other than their initial visa statement. Furthermore, 15% even reported unemployment! 

In Australia’s case, the skilled permit visa sounds more as a lose-lose, since neither the economy benefits nor do the workers have the ability to contribute to society and earn a decent income. In fact, an individual might even be stripped away from a better lifestyle back home , and fooled for a false promise. What needs to be assessed are the implemented laws and recruitment services in regards to this issue. Perhaps, not only do the laws need to get re-adjusted and reformed, but a more facilitated recruitment service needs to be put into place where if an immigrant loses his or her job, the option will be left open to seek a position that’s rightly fit to his or her skill set. 

So what can be done? 

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Apart from the assessment and tightening of the legal and economic end, one needs to assess the issue at an individual level. If you are a skilled-worker seeker to Australia,  it is best that you not only speak to an attorney about your case but also obtain a valid position with a job description aligned to your needs and skills in order to avoid disappointments upon arrival. Furthermore you can always test out your eligibility online such as on the Australian Immigration Network

Also, keep these few points in mind during your process:

  • Check the Expression of Interest (EOI). This refers to the Occupation Ceiling, which is the maximum amount of skilled immigrant workers for a specific field or type of skilled visa. Once the limit is reached, no further visas will be issued for that particular occupation.
  • Study the top demanded jobs for that specific year. For 2019-2020, Australia’s top 5 required occupations were ranked in such order: registered nurse, Software and Applications Programmers, Electricians, Carpenters and Joiners, and Secondary School Teachers. 
  • Work with an immigration lawyer in Australia. You might think that you’re saving costs by working with an agent locally, but it may actually hurt you in the long run. Working with an agent in your specified country not only means that your lawyer is permitted to work in that jurisdiction, but it also implies that he or she is updated on all the newest rules and regulations.

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