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Iran & Coronavirus: Swiss Humanitarian Relief

The toll of sanctions on Iran significantly put a negative effect not only on the economy but the wellbeing of citizens. The sanctions decreased the standards in nutrition and medicine. Due to the shipping embargo, international companies have no way of selling their goods to Iran, and even if they did, banking limitations make it difficult to transfer funds for a product or shipment. Although, the upper-class Iranians have the ability ...

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How to do legal advisory?

Legal Advisory: Do You Know How it’s Done?

Multinational organizations and private entities need legal advice to assist with daily activities and regular life events across different jurisdictions. In LegaMart, we use leading lawyers and legal advisors to deliver efficient and transparent support for the legal activities of whom require legal advisory services. Who is Allowed to Give Out Legal Advice? Legal advice is a tricky and complicated topic and needs to be received solely from experienced and competent professionals ...

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Do I require a JD for advocacy?

Advocacy Does NOT Clearly Require a J.D.

Advocacy Definition and Origin The Online Etymology Dictionary defines the word advocacy as "the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending," which comes from the old French avocacie and the Latin advocare meaning, "to call, summon, invite." The act of advocacy itself has transitioned throughout history, and what was implemented during the time of Caesar and amongst Roman advocates might not necessarily be the same in the modern world. Advocacy carries a ...

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