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In Coronavirus Season, Don’t File for Divorce!

The Virus Is Affecting All! The coronavirus epidemic is affecting literally every aspect of our lives from shopping, travel and work, to business and markets, especially family law! Here are some considerable points related to family law cases and divorce during the outbreak. For example, both avoiding the risk of transmission of the coronavirus but also filing for child custody plans, decision for divorce or division of assets, visitation and parenting ...

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Humanitarian Aid: Iranian-Americans & COVID-19

An out-roar of humanitarian aid  and a massive depredation of market supplies have contributed to two sides of the same coin, that being COVID-19. Let’s consider the positive light of this virus, which resulted in thousands (if not millions) joining hands to collect emergency supplies for those in need.  Yet, the striking question for those in the United States boiled down to sanctions. How does one provide humanitarian aid despite OFAC ...

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Oil Prices: Corona or Politics?

Coronavirus is not just about health threats, it also might lead to oil price changes. It changes oil prices, and also disrupts the travel sector, supply chain, financial markets and to put it simply, the economic and business world. Day by day, Corona is becoming one of the major destabilizing forces in terms of the market. With that said, the Energy sector is on the verge of entering new territory. As ...

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