International copyright law in 2022

International Copyright Law, 2022: Top Shocking Court Cases

International copyright law is one of the major issues in the last decade. Your novel, titled "Sweet Revenge," is about a twenty-five year-old bitter woman seeking revenge on her narcissistic ex, who has custody of their daughter. Three months after it is published and copyrighted in the United States, it is sold over ten million copies and climbed to the top of the list of bestsellers in the New York ...

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Copyright in business

Copyright in Business: Latest Regulations, Laws, and Protection

Copyright is a legal solution for protecting the creator's rights to an innovative product. It aims to benefit the creator and promote novelty in different disciplines. The extent of copyright-protected rights is determined by the laws and regulations enacted by national governments. However, as a globally accepted criterion, three factors of fixation, expression, and originality are required in order to address copyright. Copyright is not limited to business. Here are other ...

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A True Yin-Yang basis Country: Turkey (II)

Yin Dark Side Money Depreciation, Lack of Safety & Soaring Inflation While Turkey has many bright sides to ponder, it is also notorious for its negative statistics. The country stands 149th in the Global Peace Index 2021 ranking out of 163 countries. According to the latest data provided by The World Bank, Turkey suffered 15% below the poverty line. To study more about the pros of Turkey, you can read the article below: A ...

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